Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery 5 or Data Rescue

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Choose the best data recovery software among Stellar Phoenix Mac or Data Rescue - top data recovery utilities.


  • 1. My Data... Noooo...

2. Lost Data.. What to do??Tried many times to find my files, but nouse. Power failure deleted my mostimportant data.My boss will kill me 3. Searched Over InternetWOW.. I am on ninth cloud.. Got a Software thatcan recover all of my Lost Data and i am soassured because it had given me the Preview ofall the Data that can be Recovered. My Data is Safe!!And the credit goesto ....... 4. Award Winning Mac Data RecoverySoftware 5. Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery v5 Recovers lost or deleted documents,emails, photos, videos, music files, etcData recovery from optical media. Recovery of recently deleted fileswith original file names. Raw Recovery in case of severecorruption.Supports volumes with size greaterthan 4 TB.Supports Mac OS X 10.8 MountainLion. 6. Four Scanning Methods: 7. Select the volume that you want to recover 8. Select any file type you want to recover 9. Scanning Files to Show PREVIEW 10. Message will Pop-up when Scan Complete 11. Among all the Recoverable Files, Select the ones you want to Recover 12. Click on a Particular File to see its Preview 13. Select destination folder to save files 14. Saving selected files to destination folder 15. Download FREE Trial Version Stellar Phoenix Mac Data Recovery v5 16. Thank You