Stop Building Links, Start Earning Them

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Stop Building Links, Start Earning ThemTheo van der Zee JAB13 02/JUN/201317 million years back, 0 seconds forward. Knowledge about history helps predict the future.1

What were you doing on February 23th 2011 or April 24th 2012?

Slightly more recent. Hands! Google Panda, Google Penguin, why important?2

Googles goal is to put the user firstWhy updates like Panda or Penguin? User unsatisfied, user finds another search engine3

Less ads that are being displayed means less profits for Google

Est. $929 per second, Amazon does $1,0844

Show relevant results on the screen as fast as possibleChanges to algorithm = attempts to become more relevant5

Matt Cutts: 500+ updates per year are made to the algorithmA number of large ones are visible, 100s of smaller ones arent6

The algorithm determines the order in which pages are shownIn 2012, monthly list, cryptic, lessons to be learned7

Early in 2012 several modification related to anchor text were madeWhat does the anchor text say about the linked to website?8

The Google Panda update is one of the most notorious updates1st of 2 major updates that are discussed. 23th february 2011, Navneet Panda, engineer9

At first the Google Panda update was known as theFarmer UpdateContent farms, low quality. Bad experience with search results, other search engines. Altavista? Ask?10

Google asked large groups of users to check out and rate websitesUse your credit card? Buy medicine for kids? Low quality signs.11

Too many ads on your website is a sign of low qualityWhat about a couple of ads?12

What is the average time that a visitor spends on a given website?Statistical info, time of site? How many clicks on site? Returning? GA or SERPS?13

Google can now determine the amount of bad characteristics that a website hasAlgoritmic, passed threshold? Lower positions, not removed14

The Penguin update has shaken up the SEO-world24th of April 2012, important Google update, why the name?15

Removing pages that violate the Google webmaster guidelinesKeyword stuffing, link exchange, cloaking, dupe content16

Remove sites that are unfairly present on high positions in the search results. Not a rock climber, still the fame, a trick, not user first17

The link profile is an important factor in how Google Penguin judges websitesQuality, position on page, anchor text distribution, brands18

How does the link profile of a trustworthy website look like?CNN, BBC, amount brand name > keyword. Your profile below threshold? Lower positions19

Not everyone can link to another website on the internetIn the future still links? Model is broken20

With the rise of social media, many more can cast a voteNot just webmasters, however, you do need internet21

Google only has limited access to the data on TwitterJust the public data, dispute, real time results are valuable22

Even less access to the enormous amount of data that Facebook hasAnother dispute, big data, statistics, over 1B users23

Data from Google+ is already being integrated into the algorithmSocial network, +1s, authorship24

Why did we start hoarding links from other websites in the first place?On-page = cheating, scientific citations, volume counts25

In the near future, links will remain an important factor of the equationNot just dump their model, limited access, likes are a factor26

Sending out large amounts of email with the request of a link to your siteTIME > 25 min = FAST. Volume x Conversion = links, people are smarter, Penguin punishes27

Of course you can always simplypay some money for links Ineffective, illegal, hard to detect, Penguin punishes, nofollow?28

Adding websites to directories was a popular tactic to get new linksDMOZ, Yahoo! Directory, niche, worthless?29

Publishing articles on other websites will get you links as wellPenguin hits, -93% traffic, content marketing, guest blogging?30

Lets not forget about the links from forums, blogs and guestbooksBlog spam, Akismet, CloudFlare, oursourced, Penguin punishes31

A largesocial networkcreates opportunities and new insightsLive and online, Twitter, Facebook, like factor, like-minded people32

Hang out with influential people and do this in a strategic and respectable wayYoud like that too, only is possible as well, help them out33

Target your blog on long tail keywordsLong tail, short tail, volume, vraag, voorbeelden34

Use commenting on blogsas the start of a conversationNo spam, start a conversion, influential blogs, find a connection35

Use your blogs to build a bridge between your products and search queriesProduct page vs. Blog, different keywords, speak their language, connect36

By visiting conference you might meet some influential peopleEinstein, Physicist Conference Solvay 1927, advice, beer?, your field of expertise37

By following people on Twitter, you know what is hot in your nicheWeFollow, FollowerWonk, Snow ball effect, follower others = more followers38

Many people are writing blogs, by reading those youll know what keeps them busyTwitter is maar kort, persoonlijke leven ipv zakelijk, connectie leggen, mutual benefits39

Visiting Question and Answer websites is also an effective methodQuora, Joomla forum, blog inspiration, helping others = merit in community40

Make sure your sociale media profiles are tidy and up-to-dateControle van betrouwbaarheid, social proof, prive ~- zakelijk, bijhouden! 41

Create authoritative content and people will promote it for youPeriodic table, Savvy Panda extensions top 100, Upgrade infographic42

Joomla! Templates: ThemePartner.comJoomla! SEO: Say hi.Questions? Feel free to ask!43


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