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1. STORYBOARDBy Thomas and Jack 2. The first slide is me and Jack in theCoventry City Cathedral, and we will beexplaining our documentary,introducing our ideas and theconspiracy, and then walk off to startfilming. 3. The second slide will be ouropening credits, showingthe audience the name ofour documentary, who tookpart in it, and what will webe doing. Also in ouropening credits, we will beplaying the youtube clipssound, to show it's just likebeing in WW2 again, whenthe Germans attacked. 4. The last slide, is me andJack in a classroom, talkingto each other about whatwe are going to do, andhow we plan to ask peopleabout there ideas about itall. 5. This short story board is showing how me and Jack will create our 5 minuteintroduction to a documentary. Jacks idea was to start at the cathedral, and talk about our idea, and then shootoff into the opening credits, copying the style of Doctor Who, and how they startthere programme. Slide 3 will be most difficult because we will be talking and discussing to eachother, and then we will shoot off and ask others on there opinion, showing theaudience, very quickly other peoples opinion on the matter.