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  1. 1. SUCCESS STORY E N T E R P R I S E I N F O R M A T I O N M A N A G E M E N T Industry Media, Entertainment Customer Ramoji Film City Challenges n Required a secure NFS to handle large files stored on network drives n Needed a reliable solution that would not cause production delays Solution n OpenText NFS Solo Benefits n Smooth, efficient operation of NFS Solo surpasses all expectations n Solution helps to tie communications process together n Reliable solution lets news channels meet deadlines in airing content The 2000-acre complex, larger than any in Hollywood, is a vast spread of studios, sets, and other film industry facilities that can accommodate as many as a hundred film and television productions simultaneously. Run by the Ushodaya Enterprises group, Ramoji Film City is a stalwart of the Indian motion picture industry. Popularly known as RFC, it is well regarded as a one-stop solution for Indian and international movie- makers.Branchingoutfromthemovieindustry, Ushodaya Enterprises have ventured into thesmallscreenbusinessaswell.Underthe brand umbrella of E-naadu (also referred to as E TV), the group has ventured into providing news and infotainment program- ming in the many languages spoken across India. Presently, programming is broadcast on11differentlanguagechannelswithanother 5-7 language channels to join the fold in the near future. Ramoji Film City Delivers the News with OpenText NFS Solo OpenText binds communication process at studio OpenText delivers the news It is in the television arm of the business that the OpenText Network File System (NFS) solution, OpenText NFS Solo , has been implemented to provide a reliable way to access files located on UNIX servers from PC desktops. NFS Solo provides secure, high- performance, transparent access to network- based information. It offers customers the freedom to choose an enterprise NFS solution for quick and seamless access to file and print resources in a network. Optimized for unparalleled performance, NFS Solo delivers seamless access from Windows desktops to the diverse resources of an enterprise network, providing solutions for mixed PC and UNIX environments. Desktop users on a network can access remote data from many different types of computing environments includingUNIX,VMS,Macintosh computers, IBM mainframes, and the Internetin a R amoji Film City is a world-class studio complex located on the outskirts of the city of Hyderabad in Andhra Pradesh, India. Ramoji, the largest comprehensive studio complex in the world, offers a wide range of production and postproduction facilities and services for filmmakers around the globe.
  2. 2. SUCCESS STORY Copyright 2012-2013 Open Text Corporation OpenText is a trademark or registered trademark of Open Text SA and/or Open Text ULC. The list of trademarks is not exhaustive of other trademarks, registered trademarks, product names, company names, brands and service names mentioned herein are property of Open Text SA or other respective owners. All rights reserved. For more information, visit: Sales n+1 905 762 6400 n1 877 359 4866 SUpport n +1 905 762 6400 n 1 800 486 0095 familiar graphical Windows environment, with- out having to understand UNIX, NFS comm- ands, or underlying network complexities. AccordingtoB.Ganesh,TechnicalConsultant toRamojiFilmCitysETVsstudios,NFSSolo was the most reliable solution available on the market. The facilities available at E TV are state of the art and compare favorably to the facilities of world-leading TV studios. The technology used by the studio includes state-of-the-art products and solutions from Silicon Graphics , EMC , and Cisco . Over 80 remote E TV offices are connected to the headquarters via private satellite links, making the network a best-of-breed private WAN enviable of any large corporation. E TV head- quarters is equipped with a fiber optic back- bone, coupled with Cisco switches & routers. Choosing a solution AccordingtoGanesh,sevendifferentproducts wereevaluatedinarigorousselectionprocess. NFSSoloimmediatelystoodoutasthelogical choice, he says. It is feature-rich, it performs well,itisreliable,andOpenTexthasareputation as being best in its class. Ganesh says that he has no regrets choosing NFS Solo. The product has stood up to the demands put on it by an industry that is tight on deadlines and cannot afford to lose time because of system crashes or delays caused by unreliable software. A serious solution for a serious business In the TV news business its a no-brainer that the channel which delivers quality, interesting, and timely news and features dominates in the eyes of the consumer, says Ganesh. E TV takes this task seriously and has taken steps to provide the necessary infrastructure to its committed work force. Because of the reliability of NFS Solo, OpenText is seen not just as a technology provider around here, says Ganesh. In a subtler manner, the OpenText solution binds the whole communication process together, smoothly and efficiently surpass- ing E TVs expectations at all times. How NFS Solo is used VideoclipsaresenttoETVfromnewseditors workinginlocationsacrossIndia.TheMPEG-2 news clips are transmitted to headquarters viasatellitelinks.Oncetheyarrive,theMPEG-2 filesarestoredinEMCandSGIserverslocated in the headquarters. Editors working at the newsdesksofthevariouslanguagechannels then access the files using NFS Solo. This allows the editors to transfer the files from the servers to their desktops quickly and efficiently. Atthedesktop,morethan150editorscanedit the video clips as needed and add comm- entary in the language of the channel they are working for. Then, using NFS Solo once again, they send the completed clips back to the main servers. When it comes time to broadcast the video clips, Master Control uses NFS Solo to extract the clips from the servers, sequences them in line with the newsreader scripts, and sends them to air. On any given day, over 400 GB of data is captured, edited, and transmitted across the networks, says Ganesh. We consider NFS Solo a perfect ally for the task. It gets the job done seamlessly. n (04/2013)00655.16EN NFS Solo immediately stood out as the logical choice. It is feature-rich, it performs well, it is reliable, and OpenText has a reputation as being best in its class. B. Ganesh, Technical Consultant, Ramoji Film City