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  • 1. TBWA TBWA CHIAT DAY engage Black Hat SEO. Past, Present and Future of Search Spam. Presentation Outline for SXSW PanelPickers
  • 2. It is a rite of passage in all aspects of life Why go the long straight route when there is a shortcut? Hacking is human nature Gaming the system
  • 3. The lure of getting one over on the man is indeed powerful
  • 4. Spam is strangely delicious Im talkin to you Hawaii Photo attribution : Cosmic Bandita
  • 5. What are you willing to do to win? Photo attribution : Monosnaps
  • 6. Do you have to pick sides? Photo attribution : KrisnFred
  • 7. The early days of search spam Keyword stuffing and hiding makes porn rank for Disney searches Search engines very vulnerable when just relying on on-page analysis to build rankings
  • 8. 50 techniques from the past The list is exhaustive from white-on-white text and meta tag keyword stuffing to link and content farming. We will get into some of the most interesting and obscure with specific examples and gruesome details.
  • 9. Why Google took off Right place, right time Effective use of link signals (PageRank) Ongoing battle with spam
  • 10. Enter the Lone Ranger Matt Cutts, you take the fun out of everything Is this a ransom photo? Photo attribution :
  • 11. Beware the Panda Photo attribution : Jon Gerin
  • 12. Penguins everywhere Photo attribution : Susan Renee
  • 13. What works now? Vote this presentation up and attend in Austin to hear this Image attribution : Blekko Spamclock
  • 14. Black Hats are Immortal The more things change the more they stay the same New domains means new frontier and Big $ to be made Global search volume grows and grows People will always jump off tall buildings Photo attribution : Santi Molina
  • 15. TBWA TBWA CHIAT DAY engage Thank you. Jonathan Ashton