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2011 SXSW Panel: The SXSW PanelPicker: Can It Predict the Future? Presenters: Jonathan Spillman, Toni Wallace, Juan Moreno, and Lindsey Simon Panel Description: Since its inception, the SXSW Interactive PanelPicker has provided a unique avenue for everyday movers and shakers to project their voice in front of industry peers. This panel will chronicle the idealist origin and creation of the PanelPicker proposal system and follow its historical path of growth and evolution throughout the years. In addition, 2011 industry trends and an overview of the current interactive landscape (a product of the expansive PanelPicker database) will be analyzed and dissected. The panel will conclude with a look into the future, and how PanelPicker can be utilized as a tool to help predict and identify emerging interactive industry trends.

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  • 1. VS.The SXSW PanelPicker: Can It Predict the Future? March 15, 2011

2. Welcome to the FuturePanelPicker Overview and HistoryUT McCombs MBA Project Project Overview Startup Success and SXSW Advice 2011 PanelPicker Data AnalysisTakeaways Predicting the Future PanelPicker Opportunities 3. PanelPicker For Dummies Discover Submit YourInteractiveOwn PanelTrends 4. PanelPicker For DummiesShareVOTE!!! Connect 5. PanelPicker Quick Facts8,000 Ideas 105,000 Registered Users87,000 Comments405,000 Votes* Since 2008 6. PanelPicker Submissions Submissions2008 73720091,38520102,37320112,563 7. PanelPicker 2008 PanelPicker Submission Description Data 8. PanelPicker 2009 PanelPicker Submission Description Data 9. PanelPicker 2010 PanelPicker Submission Description Data 10. PanelPicker 2011 PanelPicker Submission Description Data 11. McCombs MBA Project 12. Original ProjectProvided with qualitative (user generated content)PanelPicker data for the years 2011 and 2010Initial assessment of data based on two tiers ofmetadata: Interactive Categories User-defined tagsManual mapping by project team members into anew metadata classification model using panelsubmission variablesAnalysis and Conclusions 13. Interactive Landscape PanelPicker - Description Data2008 2009 20102011 ??? ? Startups Success Stories 14. Startups in 2008BeboBitTorrentMeebo SlideDropbox AdmobHuluLoopt 15. Startups in 2009Fourquare ClickerBumpYammerZynga Justin.tvNgmocoGlyde 16. Startups in 2010GroupMe QwikiChomp FlipboardHashableBelugaInstagram Quora 17. Interactive LandscapePanelPicker - Description DataWeb Social WebSocial Media Social Media20082009 2010 2011 ?Users MobileWeb / People?????????Startups Success Stories 18. Expert SXSW Advice GigaOM Business Insider TechCrunch Both Side of the Table Mashable Quora 19. 2011 PanelPicker Analysis250 10,0009,000 Number of Submissions200 8,0007,000150 6,000Number ofVotes 5,000100 4,000Entrepreneurship3,000 Social Media Innovation/ Technology 50 2,000 Healthcare WorkplaceMarketing User Exp/ UsabilityBrandingCareer/ MobileDesign1,0000 0 20. Social Media30 Takeaways: Marketing supersedes Social Networks25 Community is key trend in Social Media201510 5 0 Marketing Social Network BrandingCommunities Social Affairs 21. Entrepreneurship30Takeaways: Move from Innovation to Monetization25 Career/workplace indicative of times201510 5 0Biz Model/ Career/Self-help Innovation/ Marketing Monetization Workplace Technology 22. Design25 Takeaways: Move from platform content focus to experiences and ease of product use201510 5 0 User Exp/ Development/ Innovation/ Communication/ Content Usability ProgrammingTechnology Collaboration 23. Mobile35 Takeaways: Theres an app for that30 Mobile becoming the content hub Geo location moving down in relevance25201510 5 0 Apps Content Development/ Geo Location Innovation/Programming Technology 24. Branding35Takeaways: Less reliance on look and feel (design)30and more on channel of communication25201510 5 0 Marketing Advertising Social Media Design Social Network 25. Predicting the Future?Submissions in 2011 aligned Industryto interactive communityIndicatorpreferencesTrends vs. actual data from2008 through 2011 notFuturecorrelated, but time lagIndicatoridentifies emerging trends 26. PanelPicker Opportunities Automation Content / Videos Springboard Effect Integration with Music and Film Case Studies Whitepapers What do you think? 27. VS. Thank you!The SXSW PanelPicker: Can It Predict the Future? March 15, 2011