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  1. 1. SCHEDULE CONFERENCESSXSW 2012Interactive FestivalRecommendationsFROM THE STAFF ATWEBBMEDIA GROUPSCHEDULE: 2012 SXSW Recommendations Updated 2012 Webbmedia Group, LLC 02.10.2012
  2. 2. Executive SummaryEvery year, Webbmedia Group combs through the SXSW conference lineup andselects speakers, screenings, workshops and panel sessions that we think arethe most relevant to/ interesting for our clients. Youll nd the day, date, time,name of session, location and a reason why we think you should attend.Important Conference Information This is the 26th anniversary of the conference, and the 19th year of the Interactive festival. Expect 500 panel sessions, 300 trade show booths and 15,000 Interactive conference attendees. Make sure to complete your online social prole so that you can connect with other attendees. Did you know that you can also use the SXSW site to register for free swag? Dont sound like a tourist. Veterans call the conference Southby. Much of the action takes place at the parties. You can certainly try to show up and get in to parties once youre in Austin, but its much better if you arrange to get on the guest lists well in advance.Webbmedia Group will be on-site for all of the 2011 SXSW Interactive Festival.Have a question? Need a recommendation? Clients can call our oce 24 hoursa day: +1.267.342.4300. We will be holding oce hours on-site and willannounce days, dates and our online scheduling system soon.Keyna l kPracticalGood Should BeBigToolsNetworking FunThoughts 2 SCHEDULE: 2012 SXSW Recommendations Updated 2012 Webbmedia Group, LLC 02.10.2012
  3. 3. FRIDAYTime: 3:30p - 4:30pWhat: Fireside Chat with Guy Kawasaki and Vic GundotraWho: (see above)Where: Austin Convention Center Ballroom DWhy: The focus on this talk will be strictly on Google+, lessons learned, growthstrategies, challenges and the like. If theres a Q&A (were hoping theres one) it shouldbe fantastic -- and probably heated.Link: kTime: 5p - 6pWhat: MIT Media Lab: Making ConnectionsWho: Andy Bardagjy, Catherine Havasi, Joi Ito, Yadid Ayzenberg, Yves-Alexandre deMontjoyeWhere: Hilton Austin Downtown Salon FGWhy: The folks at the Media Lab are doing some of the best work in information andcommunications technology. In this session, theyll talk about connecting people andtechnology, and it should be fascinating.Link: l k 3 SCHEDULE: 2012 SXSW Recommendations Updated 2012 Webbmedia Group, LLC 02.10.2012
  4. 4. SATURDAYTime: 9:30a - 10:30aWhat: I Used Data Analytics to Game Online DatingWho: Amy WebbWhere: Driskill Hotel BallroomWhy: This year, Amy is skipping her usual tech trends talk and is instead telling the storyof how she met her husband. She used data analytics, SEO techniques and a wholebunch of spreadsheets to study the behaviors of online daters. What she learned: Mostpeople dont understand their audiences. In this session, shell detail how she gamedonline dating...and what that means for anyone trying to land a committed relationshipwith their users. Her book about this subject is due out in February 2013 from Penguin.Link: a lTime: 9:30a - 10:30aWhat: A Penny Press For the Digital AgeWho: Fiona Morgan, Jessamyn West, Norberto Santana Jr, Ryan Thornburg, Tom StitesWhere: Sheraton Austin Capitol ABCDWhy: This session will talk about journalism as a public good, and the speakers will allpresent terric case studies and ideas.Link: kTime: 3:30p - 4:30pWhat: Does Your Product Have a Plot?Who: David WomackWhere: Austin Convention Center Ballroom BCWhy: This should be a compelling session about storytelling and narrative through theperspective of a creative director. Recommended for journalists, marketers, productdevelopers and others working in the digital space.Link: 3:30p - 4:30pWhat: The Curators and the CuratedWho: Alexis Madrigal, Maria Popova, Max Linsky, Mia Quagliarello, Noah BrierWhere: Sheraton Austin Capitol ABCDWhy: Youve heard us talk about each one of the folks on this panel at least once.Theyre smart, engaging and know curation better than anyone else. Learn about theirmethods, the tension between original and curated content and what makes thesecontent curators so magical. We highly recommend this session.Link: a l 4SCHEDULE: 2012 SXSW Recommendations Updated 2012 Webbmedia Group, LLC 02.10.2012
  5. 5. SUNDAYTime: 11a - 12pWhat: Community First: Lessons for Early-Stage StartupsWho: Chrysanthe Tenentes, David Noel, Ligaya TichyWhere: Hilton Austin Downtown Salon DWhy: Learn from these folks whove all been involved in early-stage startups what ittakes to succeed. Theyre promising to share case studies and lots of inside scoop on thecompanies where theyve worked.Link: lTime: 3:30p - 4:30pWhat: Design. Build. Transform.Who: Emily PillotonWhere: Austin Convention Center Ballroom EFWhy: Emily is a great speaker, and in this session shell tell the story of how a high schoolclassroom constructed a full-scale piece of architecture in their hometown.Link: kTime: 3:30p - 4:30pWhat: Open Web; Open News: Reporters & Developers RemixWho: Dan Sinker and Emily BellWhere: Sheraton Austin Capitol EFGHWhy: As the Knight-Mozilla News Technology Partnership enters its second year, whatare the lessons learned from design challenges? What are the best collaborations? Howcan we get journalists working better with technologists? Dan and Emily are terricspeakers and brilliant thinkers.Link: lTime: 3:30p - 4:30pWhat: Fulbright: How the First Social Network Adapts to Social MediaWho: Doug Mitchell, Katie Day Good, Megan Ne, Rebecca Cammisa, Vijay RenganathanWhere: AT&T Conference Hotel Salon DWhy: We often meet mid-career folks looking for a change, and weve many timesrecommended them to the Fulbright Program. This is a great chance to learn about howFullbright intersects with public diplomacy in an era of digital transformation.Link: k5 SCHEDULE: 2012 SXSW Recommendations Updated 2012 Webbmedia Group, LLC 02.10.2012
  6. 6. SUNDAY (cont)Time: 5p - 6pWhat: Austin 2032: Shaping Future Cities with Mobile DataWho: Alexander Howard, Chris Volinksy, Chris Osgood, Eric Paulos, Lisa AminiWhere: Hilton Austin Downtown Salon HWhy: Alex Howard is a fantastic speaker, an expert in matters related to tech andgovernment and a super nice person. Hes put together a brilliant panel to talk about thefuture of networked cities and mobile data. Should be great.Link: l kMONDAYTime: 11a - 12pWhat: Net Smarts: Essential Skills for Thriving OnlineWho: Howard RheingoldWhere: Austin Convention Center, Ballroom EFWhy: Howard is a TED speaker and a fascinating cultural observer. Hes releasing a newbook at SXSW about our digital literacies and network awareness.Link: 12:30p - 1:30pWhat: Future of US Cities: Technology in Public ServiceWho: Chris Vein, John Tolva, Nick Grossman, Nigel Jacob, Rachel SterneWhere: AT&T Conference Hotel Salon CWhy: This is a dream team panel of very smart people working to bring technology intopublic oces. Theyll show examples from Boston, Chicago and NYC and will also talkabout White House initiatives.Link: kTime: 2p - 3pWhat: Keynote Speech - Expanding Our Intelligence Without LimitWho: Ray Kurzweil and Lev GrossmanWhere: Austin Convention Center Exhibit Hall 5Why: Kurzweil is studying the bleeding-edge of communications and technology. Thisshould be a fascinating conversation about the future.Link: k 6 SCHEDULE: 2012 SXSW Recommendations Updated 2012 Webbmedia Group, LLC 02.10.2012
  7. 7. MONDAY (cont)Time: 3:30p - 4:30pWhat: Its Not News, Its BusinessWho: Ann Friedman, Justin Ferrell, Justin Ellis, Tom HulmeWhere: Sheraton Austin Capitol ABCDWhy: This will be a frank discussion about the business side of news, and the panel willtalk in detail about creative partnerships, products and business ideas. Were particularlylooking forward to what Ann (GOOD Magazine) and Justin (Washington Post) have tosay about the news business, what Justin (Nieman J-Lab) says about the tech side ofthings, and what Tom (IDEO) has to say about product.Link: 9:30a - 10:30aWhat: Vetting in the Age of Social: Who Do You Trust?Who: Alicia Stewart, Michael Praniko, Shelli Whitehurst, Tom Miale, Tony UphoWhere: Sheraton Austin Capitol ABCDWhy: This panel will focus on how content is vetted and what this means forcommunities. The magnicent Michael Praniko has put together a fantastic, diversepanel that should be thought-provoking and entertaining.Link: lTime: 9:30a - 10:30aWhat: Reported Aggregation: A Truce in the Content Wars?Who: Clara Jeery and Nick Baumann, both of Mother JonesWhere: Sheraton Austin Capitol EFGHWhy: In the past year, weve seen more curation than ever before in news. Tools likeStorify have helped journalists package content from other networks...and to greatsuccess. In this panel, Clara and Nick will show a bunch of projects and explainers, sharebest practices and ideas and will highlight tools for you to try.Link: