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Websoftex TDS Software is Software for TDS returns preparation, generation and e-filing. It helps you in TDS computation, generates TDS return Form 24Q, Form 27Q, Form 26Q, Form 27EQ, Form 16, Form 16A and e-filing of TDS returns. The e-TDS Software provides you efficient TDS solution for generation of TDS NSDL Quarterly statements and thereby helps in filing returns on quarterly basis . TDS Software is a simple to use software ideally suited for filing eTDS returns. Among a host of features it offers, the software can be used for F.Y 2012-13 and the previous years. It also has an inbuilt module for Correction Returns which is extremely helpful in correcting the regular returns. Key Features: Auto Calculation/Computation for TDS on salary Auto Calculation/Computation for TDS on Contractor, Fees, Rent, Brokerage etc. Certificates 16, 16A at one click E-TDS Return at one click with automatic validation. Declaration & Tax Calculations for employees. Generates Quarterly Certificates Create hassle free Revised Returns multiple times Data Export to Excel Used for unlimited companies For more detail log on to:


  • 1. Welcome ToHR and PayrollManagementSoftware

2. Meaning of HR and Payroll Software HR and Payroll software allows organisation to generate payslips and salary register, based on the attendance of theemployees taking care of leaves, overtime, allowances, loans,advance, bonus, encashment and other standard deductionslike PF,ESIC,Proffessional Tax and Income Tax etc. It is general type of software design to handle the generationof the periodic payroll for all short of business types and sizes. It is used to replace the tedious nature of manual payrollgeneration or the sometimes more costly outsourcing of yourpayroll.Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 3. HR and Payroll Process Cycle EmployeeAppraisal/TransferEmployee Details (HRM)(HRM)Leave Management(Payroll) Salary DetailsEmployee Recruitment (Payroll) And Training (HRM)Report (HRM and Payroll) Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 4. Benefits of HR and Payroll Software This software will reduce the work load of HR, employees of thecompany and other staff also. Give you and your HR employees time for other works. It also facilitate faster access of HR related information. It manages the entire information of the employees from the timethey are recruited till the time they leave the company. It provides Security of Data and Right Management. Easy to Install, Implement and Use. Increase efficiency of Payroll Process. More accurate Payroll Tax Records. More Organised Record Keeping. Flexibility for Payroll Changes. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 5. Maintain Leave and Attendance Report. Accurate Salary Reports. Accurate PF,ESIC,Professional Tax and Income Tax Reports. Save time and money compared to traditional payroll services. Payroll software offers a variety of tax services includingcalculating taxes and deduction as well as state and localtaxes. Easily Data Search Facility. Edit or Modify Facility.Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 6. Our Software coversAdministration Settings.1. Update admin.2. Change password.3. Add financial year.Employee Details.1. Add employee.2. View/update employee details.Basic information.Bank details.Address information.Salary details. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 7. Payroll Configure.1. PT Slab.2. Income Tax Configuration.3. Update PF and ESI Percentage.Employee Attendance Details.1. Add Employee Attendance.Salary Details.1. Create Salary.2. View Salary Information.Configure.1. Holiday List.Reports.1. Salary Reports.Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 8. Update Admin Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 9. Add Financial Year Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 10. Employee :: Add Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 11. View Employee DetailsWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 12. Employee Details :: ModifyWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 13. Employee Details :: ModifyWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 14. Employee Details :: ModifyWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 15. Employee Details :: ModifyWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 16. View PT(Professional Tax) Slab Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 17. View IT(Income Tax) SlabWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 18. Update PF & ESI(%)Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 19. Add Employee Attendance Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 20. Monthly Salary InformationWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 21. Salary ReportWebsoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 22. About Company Websoftex Software Solutions Private Limited ,a Bangalorebased Company ,an authorized software service provider engagedin HR and Payroll Software Development with maximum levelprotection. We take pride in rendering good and protective services to small-medium industries (SMI) and other sector for more than 5 years. Websoftex Software Solutions Private Limited is constantlyevolving and our developers constantly upgrade their skills toprovide our customers proper software solutions in tune with thelatest trends and technologies available.Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 23. Websoftex Software Solutions Private Limited Provides Creative ,Innovative, Quick and Quality Solutions in Following Areas Also:- Bulk SMS Software. Customized Software Development. Domain Registration. E-Commerce Solution. Inventory Software. Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Software. Mobile Application Development . Matrimony Software. Online Store Software. Online Test Software.Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 24. Print Order Management Software. Photo Gallery Software. Real Estate Software. School Software. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Services. Website Designing & Development. Web Application Development. Windows Applications. Website Maintenance . Web Hosting. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 25. Why Websoftex Software? Competitive Price. Guaranteed Data Security. Best Quality and Maximum Features. Easy to use. Long lasting relationships with our customers by listening,understanding and anticipating our customers need. Short Deadline. Helpful and Flexible Services. Quick Service Provider. Maximum level Tested on the basis of Benchmark criteria. Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd. 26. ThanksWe give the Best Price, Quality & Turn around Time.We appreciate your business and look forward to working with you.Contact Us:-Santosh kumarPhone:- +91-988-646-1360 / 959-035-5556Mail:-sales@hr-payrollsoftware.inhrpayrollsoftware101@gmail.com Websoftex Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.


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