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  • 2017

    Vijay Mohire (

    Proposed Start-up


    Innovative ideas for Start-up

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    This document provides a birds view of the innovative ideas that are being put forth to the interested

    parties and investors as part of the proposed startup. This is an initial draft version of the ideas as a

    pitch deck. This will be updated, refined as the proposal progresses for feasibility of the projects,

    budget and related economic and political scenarios of the interested parties and geographies.

    Overview of the ideas

    Wireless Healthcare system

    Integration of healthcare records to create a comprehensive electronic patient file to store patient

    medical records and laboratory test results so they can be shared among healthcare professionals

    across the province, federal and international agencies for insurance, patient history and treatments to

    ensure the human has not to suffer while crossing borders. It consists of various IoT devices, wireless

    sensors and life monitoring systems includes connected home monitoring system, doctor visits records,

    emergency alarms/ notifications, alerts sent to concerned doctors and paramedics and other

    authorities. The system will Internetwork connected using standards Low power IoT devices, IP

    network, Cloud connectivity and auto responders in case of emergency and avoid loss of life or care. It

    will use HIPAA, DICOM, HL7 and latest protocols like LTE, GSM, ZigBee for effective network


    Wearable aids

    Human wearable based on sensors wireless communication, travel assistance, navigation guidance,

    accident avoidance. This wearable is like a mini mobile that is a personal assistance/ expert system to

    the human user / or an animal. This uses AI and cloud backend systems, GPS coordinates to ensure

    that all the necessities of the human needs are met and avoiding any loss, damages to self and the

    nearby humans. It acts as an early warning system to the traffic, presence of pollution, heat and other

    life related metrics that will help the user. This will have a base image and add-on plug-in to suit the

    needs of various user segments and market needs

    Inkless paper / pens based document system

    With embedded print technology in paper itself and avoid of INK. The paper will be not of wood origin

    however it will be a synthetic material that is available in abundance on earth, might be plastic,

    polymer based. This will have RFID and electronic transmission feature for ease of tagging, recording

    and finding among the pile of record, helpful for Govt and offices where paper is a MUST as a Backup in

    case of loss of digital records. This will be similar to the digital world document paper however will

    have physical presence in 3D. This can also be useful where INK does not work like in space, on other

    planets etc. The paper will have elaborate data conversion and transfer system that will help port the

    handwritten/typed papers to digital form and vice versa. This is a backup option as world is all moving

    to digital presence and in case there is failure in digital world, humans can return to the paper world

    until there is restoration of the digital world.

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    Shoppers aid

    This uses RFID + PAN network for hands free shopping and auto checkout using biometrics or other

    personal unique Id (voice, retina, unique OTP passwords etc) as feasible. No need to remember PINs

    and numbers and user is identifiable by the face, a scan that compares the size, shape, eye color, etc

    and verifies the human along with OTP send to mobile or a display device on the wearable of the user.

    Auto detection of wallets, hi security based wireless data transfers using Near Field Communication,

    theft and fraud prevention and alerting system will make shopping a pleasure. It will be made up of

    different gadgets like wearable, PDA /mobile app, mobile scanning / bar code reader and AI for fuzzy

    logic and AI for fraud detections. The mobile device app can be used across major stores that have

    RFID enabled tags, box readers, inventory and self-checkout feature. It will also be useful at Petrol/Gas

    stations instead of using credit cards, use mobile apps and wearable or wireless system inbuilt to the

    car or dress coat.

    Intelligent transportation systems

    Hans free driving, hyper-loop systems are arriving and there is a need to adopt the vehicles and

    logistics to meet the needs of the digital world. Backhaul is the task of transporting data traffic from

    the edge of the network to more centralized points where it is processed into information to support

    command and control decisions. Examples of backhauled data in transportation systems include:

    Real-time video feeds from police cars and helicopters;

    Bus location and rider load;

    Vehicle detection for adaptive traffic control systems;

    Trauma centre monitoring of accident victims vital signs en route to hospital

    All the backhaul data is delta processed in real time as FOG or CLOUD mode and real time images( as

    seen in a Volvo bus) are displayed to drivers in that area of coverage. This helps the viewing of areas

    where riots, traffic, congestion and crime scenes that can be avoided. There will be a feedback from

    other vehicles that can be used by other drivers as an utility kit of data to ensure they get what they

    want to ensure they have the best journey. Vision beyond human scope and use of AI to extrapolate

    the required intelligence is the need of hour that will help passenger safety. This can be later used for

    air and water transport systems

    Smart grid systems for electric supply

    Power smooth supply from plant to home and industry based on new grid / cluster management

    system monitored and run by cloud based intelligent robotic systems will ensure the electric supply is

    monitored avoiding leakages, sabotage and theft in real time. This will ensure remote data is available

    in near real time for effective control measurement and instrumentation purposes. This will have a

    plugin network system that has interfaces to standards electrical grid standards and power supplies

    across the world. An Universal plug and Plug sort of Network adapter is possible that is portable,

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    reusable and easily retrofitted across various systems. Standards based on IEEE, Engineering standards

    and industrial inventories can be used to make this universal plug and play set of instruments,

    equipments and systems. Software based Network virtualization; overlay network can be used to make

    the transition to the smart grid system better and smooth. All the inventories will be identified as part

    of the project and the program will steer the universal concept to ensure the best practices are used all

    over the world. Use of Datacenters, cloud and fog computing, IoT sensors and grid network devices

    will help ease from the current legacy issues

    Shipping & Logistics management system

    With use of GPS devices, blind navigation,( as used in few mobile devices) computer aided navigation

    by use of integrated GPS, Weather, historical data, IoT metrological real time data a plan for the best

    path and time of travel with predictions for few months ahead is possible. Use of historical and current

    metrological data to generate a HPC based maps (hot, cold, best route) from the Cloud expert systems

    is possible. This ensure that for a given route a pluggable library and software that will do a high

    performance computing and generate maps that can be used to predict and avoid issues. This can

    replace or aid the existing navigational system. This system is integrated with other systems used for

    inventory transfers, shipping, tracking, offloading, and inspection and delivery purposes. The new

    system will leverage the local networks to have a spy view of the assets under movement and will track

    and monitor for any theft during the transfers. This may also be used for hi secure transfers for money

    and Govt papers/bonds across cross border or in remote areas.

    Military grade enhanced suites

    Especially useful for the dangerous and fatal operations in military, counter terror operations,

    Innovative ideas using computer and Internet to make a dress that will revolutionize travel, inbuilt GPS,

    thermal sensor, body condition sensor, guidance systems that once worn can help shield all hazards,

    guide and give a computer guidance ( for layman use). For special tasks, suites that are capable of

    enhancing the existing bullet proof suites that use AI and beyond vision capabilities to sense enemy

    and warn the user to take appropriate action. This will be very useful in escaping from enemy territory

    and avoiding use of radios that can be detected and caught. It will enhance the current bio-chemical

    and nuclear capabilities of the dress material, may be overlay of the gadgets on these dress material.

    The core focus is to aid the user in all possible hostile situations and overcome the enemy or escape

    from the situation without being noticed or raising alarms.

    Universal language translators devices

    This device will translate from any language/gesture (includes symbolic and other gesture languages)

    to a known language of the bearer. Gestures are used by mobile cameras to grasp and convert it to

    spoken language, includes Brill and gesture languages used for deaf and dumb. This device will use AI

    to extrapolate the missing dots and fuzzy logic to reduce step errors. Suitable use of Quantization,

    physical to digital and vice versa translations, large dictionary interface to a cloud Expert system and a

    great translator modules to make this a reality. If needed suitable images, symbol charts with maps to

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    show the translation work is provided to avoid any issues during delivery to end client. Might use NLP

    and IBM Watson like features to arrive at best matches for ambiguous situations.

    Particle sequencer and replicator

    This generates free food from thin air at particle level, similar to the star wars food replicators. This

    will need DNA sequencer style machines and particle separator and assembler at the particle level.

    Might be a high risk product but time and effort will yield the necessary conversion from matter to

    energy and cosmic energy to 3D particle. Many UFO fanatics are aware of such devices used by aliens.

    Why not give a thought here on earth. This is an ambitious project that will need proving the

    hypothesis in an advanced R&D lab with a feasible time and budget limited project.

    Supply chain for food and other human necessary commodities

    This system makes use of the publically available inventory and stock across the globe, stock exchanges

    and sees that every human has the supply and checks the person does not use that for wrong purpose

    by tracking the delivery. Main focus will be to make best use of the stock that are perishing and

    transport them to the needy door/ agency for a fair world price. This can be a not-for profit project

    meant for feeding the needy and also for moving the excess grains from its origin to the desired

    location. This will involved logistics and supply chain features and use of software that will be have new

    interfaces and managerial features that are directly fed from the boards, Govt and have security

    features to avoid sabotage and breaking the system.

    Universal Merit based promotion system

    This is based on the credits of academic merit, management of money and hire/fire tasks, appraisals.

    Each person gets a merit score based on honesty, trust and deeds done in his/ her life time and not on

    the salary and money he/she has. This makes a trust worthy platform and system that helps reduce

    corruption and dealing with wrong person that will be based on the pure merits and not on race,

    religion, money or econo-political leverages and jacks. In this system the poor and the honest working

    people will be in a upper merit band that the corrupt, elite, political, racist people being at the lower


    Universal Human base system

    A system that will integrate the public resource intensive websites and index the resources based on a

    standard template that will be used to compare Apples to Apples and not to Oranges. This will help

    build a standard, comprehensive database that will help identify the right person for the right job. It

    helps reduces the risks of poor / cheap laborers being substituted and money gets wasted. This will

    help save the excess Quantitative easing and pressure to print more money by the Govt. This system

    will have interfaces and integrations with popular websites like LinkedIn, employment exchanges,

    Engineering boards and places where human labor is available for work.