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  • 1. Telescopes Telescopes are used to see objects that are too far to be seen with the naked eye. They also provide a closer view of distant things. Astronomers use large telescopes to study the planets, stars and other objects in space.

2. DID YOU KNOW???? Without telescopes, we would not know much about celestial bodies! 3. LENSES OR MIRRORS? 4. Telescopes with lenses are called refracting telescopes. Lenses bend light. The largest telescopes use mirrors instead of lenses. Telescopes with mirrors are called reflecting telescopes. Mirrors reflect light. 5. PICTURE OF A TELESCOPE EYEPIECE Lens to view the image FOCUS ADJUSTMENT Move this to make the image clearer 6. Big telescopes 7. Small telescopes 8. Galaxy 9. The milky way galaxy 10. The sun 11. Mercury 12. Venus 13. Earth 14. Mars 15. Jupiter 16. Saturn 17. Uranus 18. Neptune 19. PLUTO