Text Analytics Past, Present & Future

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Text Analytics Past, Present & Future: keynote presentation by Seth Grimes at the TEMIS User Conference, Barcelona, July 9, 2009.


  • 1. Text Analytics Past, Present & Future
    Seth Grimes

2. >>Past, Present & Future
He who controls the present, controls the past. He who controls the past, controls the future.
-- derived from George Orwells 1984
3. >> The Present: Todays Market
I have estimated a $350 million global market in 2008, up 40% from $250 million in 2007.
Covers software licenses, vendor provided support and professional services.
$(hundreds) million more value created by:
Universities and research centers, especially in the life sciences.
Government, particularly for intelligence & counter-terrorism.
OEM licensees, for listening platforms, e-discovery, etc.
Systems integrators and consultants.
4. >> Applications Today
Broadly grouped --
Intelligence and counter-terrorism.
Life sciences.
Content management, publishing & search.
Customer & market intelligence.
Enterprise feedback.
Law enforcement.
Risk, fraud, compliance, and investigation.
5. >>On the Demand Side
How do current and prospective users see the market?
I recently published a study report, Text Analytics 2009: User Perspectives on Solutions and Providers.Drawing from the findings
6. >> Primary Applications
What are your primary applications where text comes into play?
7. >> Primary Applications
Results found by Fern Halper of Hurwitz & Associates.
8. >> The Unstructured Data Challenge
Sources are highly varied

  • Web sites, news & journal articles, images, video.

9. Blogs, forum postings, and social media. 10. E-mail, Contact-center notes and transcripts; recorded conversation. 11. Surveys, feedback forms, warranty & insurance claims. 12. Office documents, regulatory filings, reports, scientific papers. 13. And every other sort of document imaginable.