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Text of Textual Analysis Deadpool

Textual Analysis

Textual Analysis-DeadpoolAlfio AL Hussainy

GenreComedy/Action HeroCan tell its a comedy because of the title sequence being replaced with stereotypes of certain roles E.g hot chickFurthermore, there are also multiple throwbacks to the past works of the main actor, sexiest man alive and green lanternCan tell its an action due to the amount of guns and explosions present in the first 2 minutes

Main CharacterIconic character is clearly main cause of chaosCrotch shot further hinting at comedyDespite the freeze frame in the heat of action, Deadpool is posing for the camera or breaking the 4th wall, a typical comedic technique synonymous with the brand.

NarrativeCamera pans around a time frozen car crash before cutting to the beginning of the action sequence.

Titling Titling is used for comedy rather than to give credit to those who worked on the film for the sake of comedy using stereotypes;Gods perfect idiotAn over paid toolHot chickA cgi characterAll of these are common within action films.


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