The Importance of open source in cloud computing

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This is a talk given at Cloud Expo Bootcamp at Santa Clara. In this talk I highlight the importance of open source in the cloud based world. I argue why federated clouds are the future and how only open source can help promote such an ecosystem.


  • 1. The Importance of Open Source in Cloud Computing Krishnan Subramanian Industry Analyst/Researcher
  • 2. Plan of my talkOpen Source doesnt matterNah, it not only matters but critical for themarketFederated Clouds Ecosystems are the keyOpen Source in IaaSOpen Source in PaaS
  • 3. Beware of Cloud Computing
  • 4. Open Source Doesnt Matter Architecture is important and license doesnt matter
  • 5. Open Cloud Initiative Based on Open Cloud Principles which emphasizes on interoperability and no barriers to entry/exit Open Cloud => Open Formats + Open Interfaces At least one implementation must be open source
  • 6. My POV: OSS Is Important
  • 7. Rebutting Stallman Open Source is core to Cloud Computing Success Did we look inside the CPU and Registers? New Business Models For Open Source Applications Pic Credit:
  • 8. Why Open Standards Arent Enough? Licensing restrictions and Cloud evolution Open Formats and Open Interfaces will empower the users but it cannot regulate the market dynamics Handful of cloud providers
  • 9. Why Open Standards Arent Enough? Telecom Example
  • 10. Federated Cloud Ecosystems Conventional Wisdom Open Source Thinking(Economics of Scarcity) (Economics of Abundance)
  • 11. Federated Clouds: Why?World is flat Globalized and TechnologicallyempoweredWorlds computing needs are diverseRegulatory regimes are not going awayExisting Datacenters cannot become footballstadiumsLearn from monopoly in the desktop world andtelecom
  • 12. Federated Clouds: What?Multitude of playersHeterogeneity of Cloud PlatformsInteroperability and PortabilityNo vendor lock-inGeographical distribution
  • 13. Open Source & Federated Cloud Ecosystems
  • 14. Towards a Federated Ecosystem Open Data Center Alliance (ODCA) Open Compute Project
  • 15. Open Data Center Alliance
  • 16. Open Compute Project Started by Facebook to share their expertise building efficient datacenters at lower costs OCP + ODCA = Highly optimized federated cloud ecosystems
  • 17. Open Source in (Citrix)OpenStackRedhatUbuntu
  • 18. Eucalyptus Systems Research Project at UCSB in 2008 Commercial launch in 2009 Open Core License Enterprise focused
  • 19. (Citrix) Founded in 2008 as VMOps Citrix acquired in 2011 Open Core -> Open Source Enterprise and Service Providers
  • 20. OpenStack Founded in 2010 by Rackspace & NASA Core Projects: Compute, Storage & Image Service Incubated Projects: Identity & Dashboard Community Projects: 10+ Projects Crowbar, Networking, Relational Database, etc. 135+ companies including HP and Dell
  • 21. Redhat Cloudforms Redhats IaaS platform packed with their core technology Still in closed beta Supports Vmware platform and multiple cloud providers Likely Open Source
  • 22. Ubuntu & Cloud? No Cloud Strategy on their own Ubuntu as the OS for Cloud OpenStack Partnership Juju Project
  • 23. Open Source in PaaSCloudFoundryOpenShiftZend
  • 24. CloudFoundry Launched by VMware in 2011 Apache License Hosted & Open Source Physical, Virtual, Cloud or Laptop No Built In Autoscaling Spring, Rails, Node.js and Scala. Python and PHP soon MySQL, Redis, MongoDB RabbitMQ
  • 25. OpenShift Released in 2011 by Redhat Hosted & Open Source (not released yet) Autoscaling Built In Java, PHP, Ruby, Python and Perl MySQL, MongoDB, Membase MRG Messaging
  • 26. PHPCloud Zends attempt at PaaS Relies on Enterprise Web Applications Relying on their Enterprise Creds Only PHP now Integrated with Eclipse Studio
  • 27. Summing UpCloud Computing offers new opportunities forOpen SourceMonopoly is bad and federated clouds are thefutureOpen Source is critical for ensuring thefederated cloud ecosystem
  • 28. One more thing
  • 29. Yes, Open Source Is ImportantIf you agree with me, please tweet Hey @samj, open source is critical for open cloud #ociIf you are not convinced, please tweet Hey @krishnan, E N O U G H #oci Thank You
  • 30. My InfoEmail: krishnan@krishworld.comTwitter: @krishnanWebsite: www.krishworld.comBlog:


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