The ROI of Evoq Content - DNN's Web CMS Solution

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<ol><li> 1. Dennis Shiao Director, Content Marketing at DNN @DNNCorp | @dshiao </li><li> 2. Lets Define ROI 2 ROI = (Gain from Investment minus Cost of Investment) Cost of Investment </li><li> 3. Lets Define ROI 3 Takeaway: A Web CMS can help you derive the obvious ROI (Revenue). But also consider the valuable gains that are harder to quantify. </li><li> 4. Lets Define ROI 4 Lets list them out. </li><li> 5. Gains from a Web CMS Solution 5 Revenue Cost Savings Time Savings Performance Scalability Security Assurance Staying Current Integration </li><li> 6. CMS: Our Offerings 6 DNN Platform: Open Source Evoq Content: Commercial </li><li> 7. Lets Define ROI 7 Lets consider how Evoq Content can help you achieve ROI. </li><li> 8. Granular, Role-based Permissions 8 Scalability SecurityAssurance * * - Options available in Evoq Content only </li><li> 9. Page and Module Caching 9 Revenue Performance </li><li> 10. Webfarms 10 Scalability Revenue Performance Image source: DNN Web Farm Configuration Guide </li><li> 11. Technical Support 11 Time Savings Assurance Staying Current </li><li> 12. Versioning, Roll-back, Workflow 12 Cost Savings Evoq Contents HTML Pro Module: Version compare (with additions, deletions and updates highlighted) Auto-save Roll-back Workflow Time Savings Assurance </li><li> 13. SEO: Advanced URL Management 13 Cost Savings Time SavingsPerformance Related blog post: </li><li> 14. SharePoint Integration 14 Cost Savings Available in Evoq Content: Enterprise Fast, secure publishing of documents stored in Microsoft SharePoint SharePoint List support Security Integration </li><li> 15. Digital Asset Management (DAM) 15 Cost Savings Available in Evoq Content only: Version control Workflow Advanced search Document tagging Document statistics Time Savings </li><li> 16. Site Groups 16 Cost Savings Available in Evoq Content only: Group multiple websites together (within the CMS) Update content once and have it reflected across multiple sites Share users and user profile data across sites Offer Single Sign On (SSO) across sites Time Savings Scalability </li><li> 17. More Robust Site Indexing (for Search) 17 Available in Evoq Content only: More advanced search crawlers for site indexing Control the URLs that the crawler indexes including the indexing of external websites Specify included and excluded file extensions Specify directories that the crawlers will and will NOT index PerformanceScalability </li><li> 18. SUMMARY: Web CMS Benefits 18 Revenue Cost Savings Time Savings Performance Scalability Security Assurance Staying Current Integration Visit the DNN website for more information on Evoq Content </li></ol>