The World Economic Forum annual list of Young Global Leaders

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The World Economic Forum has just published its annual list of Young Global Leaders, recognizing “between 200 and 300 outstanding young leaders from around the world for their professional accomplishments, commitment to society and potential to contribute to shaping the future of the world”.

Text of The World Economic Forum annual list of Young Global Leaders

  • Young Global Leader Honorees 2009 East Asia Australia Paul Bassat Chief Executive Officer Seek Limited Michael Cannon- Atlassian Software East Asia Australia Brooks Co-Founder Systems Magellan Financial Group East Asia Australia Hamish Douglass Chairman Limited Managing Director, Partner and Head, Australia and New East Asia Australia Benjamin Gray Zealand TPG Capital East Asia Australia Tan Le Co-Founder SASME East Asia Australia Sol Rabinowicz Chief Executive Officer Timbercorp East Asia Australia Jason Yat-Sen Li Managing Director Yatsen Associates East Asia Cambodia Jeremy Hockenstein Chief Executive Officer Digital Divide Data Goodwill Ambassador (China Children's Health United Nations Childrens East Asia Hong Kong SAR Kelly Chen Ambassador) Fund (UNICEF) Chairman and Chief East Asia Hong Kong SAR Shizhong Ding Executive Officer ANTA Sports Products Chief of Strategy and East Asia Hong Kong SAR Christopher Logan Marketing Agility Logistics East Asia Hong Kong SAR Shalini Mahtani Founder Community Business East Asia Indonesia Nia diNata Film Director East Asia Indonesia Anies Baswedan President Paramadina University Educator and East Asia Indonesia Butet Manurung Conservationist
  • East Asia Indonesia Yenny Wahid Director Wahid Institute East Asia Indonesia Silverius Oscar Unggul Founder JAUH East Asia Japan Kazutoshi Sakurai Musician East Asia Japan Chikara Funabashi President Willseed Founder and Chief Executive Officer; Author of Business East Asia Japan Katsuma Kazuyo Practices Mugi East Asia Japan Nami Matsuko Executive Director Nomura Securities Governor of Osaka, East Asia Japan Toru Hashimoto Japan East Asia Japan Kenji Ogiwara Member (LDP) House of Councillors East Asia Japan Hideyuki Inoue Managing Director Social Venture Center East Asia Malaysia Shahzad Bhatti Director of Investments Khazanah Nasional East Asia Mongolia Ganhuyag Ch. Hutagt Chief Executive Officer XacBank Founder and Human Shan Women's Action East Asia Myanmar Charm Tong Rights Activist Network (SWAN) People's Republic East Asia of China Deng Yaping Olympic Medallist People's Republic East Asia of China Shen Wei Founder Shen Wei Dance Arts People's Republic East Asia of China Zhang Ziyi Actress People's Republic Jiangsu Huangpu East Asia of China Chen Guangbiao Chief Executive Officer Investment People's Republic Founder, Chairman and East Asia of China Chi Yufeng Chief Executive Officer Perfect World Co. Ltd
  • People's Republic East Asia of China Li Ruigang President Shanghai Media Group Partner; China National Leader of Global People's Republic Financial Services East Asia of China Dora Liu Industry Deloitte People's Republic Co-Founder and East Asia of China Wang Qunbin Executive Director Fosun Group People's Republic International Financial East Asia of China Ba Shusong Deputy Director-General Research Institute People's Republic 21st Century Business East Asia of China Liu Zhouwei Editor-in-Chief Herald People's Republic East Asia of China Sang Lan Host Star TV Secretary of the People's Republic Communist Youth Communist Party of China East Asia of China He Junke League Central Committee (CPC) People's Republic East Asia of China Marie So Founder Ventures in Development People's Republic East Asia of China Peggy Liu Founder JUCCE People's Republic Chief Executive Director East Asia of China Jia Ping and Founder Global Fund Watch People's Republic Co-Director, China East Asia of China Wen Bo Program Pacific Environment Beijing Chief Executive Officer East Asia Republic of Korea Jin-Young Park and Founder JYP Entertainment East Asia Republic of Korea Jaeseung Jeong Associate Professor East Asia Republic of Korea So-Yeon Yi Astronaut East Asia Singapore Huei Min Lee Violinist Managing Director, Asia Pacific; Head, Group Technology and East Asia Singapore Karen Bell Operations Deutsche Bank Lumina-Looque East Asia Singapore Calvin Cheng Director International
  • Member of Parliament, East Asia Singapore Christopher De Souza Singapore Nominated Member of East Asia Singapore Eunice Olsen Parliament, Singapore East Asia Thailand Kritaya Sreesunpagit Founder Why I Why Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Viet Thai International Joint East Asia Vietnam David Thai Chairman of the Board Stock Company Institute for Social East Asia Vietnam Thi Hai Oanh Khuat Co-Founder Development Studies Member of Executive Europe Austria Werner Wutscher Board Rewe Austria Special Adviser to Council of the European Europe Belgium Steven Everts Javier Solana Union Europe Denmark Jens Martin Skibsted Creative Director Skibsted Ideation Minister of Foreign Europe Finland Alexander Stubb Affairs of Finland Chief of Europe France Antoine Arnault Communications Louis Vuitton Europe France Stphane Bancel Chief Executive Officer bioMrieux Bain & Company Middle Europe France Julien Faye Partner East Associate Professor of Decision Sciences, The Booz Allen Hamilton Term Chaired Professor in Strategic Revenue Europe France Ioana Popescu Management INSEAD Founder and Chief Europe France Olivier Desurmont Executive Officer Sineo Professional Swimmer; Paralympian Gold Medallist; Member, Paralympic Hall of Europe Germany Claudia Hengst Fame Paralympic Hall of Fa