Things to consider before purchasing an android tablet 2017

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<p>fdsa</p> <p>Things To consider Before Buying an Android TabletThe Best Android Tablet Buying Guide Presented By Krish Singh</p> <p>Android TabletTablets are popular among the users who want to use more features and functions than smartphones offer with the convenience of carrying. Tablets are a mini computers with similar functionalities like laptop with a less weight and smaller screen size. Tablets which has Android operating system are in a great demand because of its reputation of reliability and many more options open for users to purchase apps. Similar to computers users have more options which includes tablet size, processor speed, graphics etc. There are many features that a user should consider while purchasing an Android tablet.</p> <p>ProcessorIt is one of the most important feature to consider. For the users who play lot of games, slow processor can ruin their game. There are many options of processor are available for the customer including dual or quad core. Users should always opt for the recently released processor if it suits the pocket. </p> <p>DisplayThere are many things to consider which choosing the display and one of the important thing is screen resolution. When comparing to the screen resolution of same size tablet pay attention to the number of pixels. The more the pixels the clear the image you will get.Before purchasing the best Android tablet 2017 do consider the tablets with higher pixels to get clear and sharp image.</p> <p>ConnectivityAnother thing to take into consideration is connectivity of the device. Connection options includes 3G, 4G and wifi.Now everybody is using 4G network and if your device do not support 4G then this will become just a video game box for you. Before purchasing a 4G Tablet, users should make sure that their carrier is capable of utilizing the technology.</p> <p>CameraThe more the pixel of camera will be the more cleared and detailed images you will produce. Most of the Android Tables 2017 have both rear and front camera. Front facing camera allows users for skype calling and other types of video conferencing while the rear camera is used to shoot the images or videos.</p> <p>SizeSize is also one of the most considerable thing while purchasing an Android Tablet. If you are intend to play video game or watching video you need a larger screen. It will help you see the images more clear and wider but if you use tablet only to check mails and other notification a tablet with small size of 7 inch will be better for you.</p> <p>Thanks for your time</p> <p>for Best Android Tablets 2017 visit the link below </p> <p></p>