Three Underused Social Tools

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  • 1. Increasing Your ImpactUsing Social Tools Elizabeth A Terrell David All Group, LLC

2. 41.4M Unique US Visitorsin September 2008 http:// =341172 3. Facebook

  • Individual Profile
    • Is your profile open?
    • Are you Updating your status to reflect your work?
    • Are you posting or linking to videos or pictures relating to your work?
  • Groups
    • The Heritage Fan Page
    • ts
    • Accepting Invitations
    • Seeking Out Groups/Fan Pages

4. 5. 6. Twitter

  • Lets Setup an Individual Profile
  • Who You Want to Follow
  • Who You Want to Follow You
  • Hashtags
  • Emerging Functions:
    • Groups:http:// /group/healthcare

7. Useful Twitter Links


8. One Not so SocialperseSpot to Be Used More Effectively 9. 60.2M Unique US Visitorsin September 2008 http:// =341172 10. Wikipedia > Amazon http:// =341172 11. Wikipedia

  • 11 Million Entries
  • Rule: No Original Research:
  • to demonstrate that you are not presenting original research, you must cite reliable sources that are directly related to the topic of the article, and that directly support the information as it is presented.
  • But You Can Cite Yourself:
      • You may cite your own publications just as you would cite anyone else's, but make sure your material is relevant and that you are regarded as a reliable source for the purposes of Wikipedia. Be cautious about excessive citation of your own work, which may be seen as promotional or a conflict of interest; when in doubt, check on the talk page.
  • IP Recording or Username Recording
    • Go ahead and register!
    • Get familiar with the rules:
    • http://

12. Useful Wikipedia Links