Title And Font For Our Magazine Front Cover

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<ul><li> 1. Title and font for our magazine front cover<br />-6381751200150Here are the examples of different fonts we thought would create our magazine title, the different fonts are; Chanson Heavy SF, Adamsky SF, Napa Heavy S and Ultra Serif SF, from the front covers we have researched the colours we had hoped to include and use would have been red or blue, we put the text on to a black background as we will have the black and white photo behind it in our real magazine, we done this to get a good idea of what the font and colour would look like for the final product. We showed a numerous amount of people which font they had preferred for a magazine cover font and the majority picked the top font they said it was bolder and would stand out more if they saw it on the shelve in a shop, the font we will be using is now Chanson Heavy SF.<br />The people that we asked were not sure which colour they preferred as they had not seen the photo we will putting on our front cover, as we were still unsure we turned to our research and from the FILM magazine we saw they used white coloured font on a black and white photo of the mans face, they use red coloured font to go with it but we thought we would try the blue coloured font like from the EMPIRE magazine of Iron Man 2.<br />-190502424430-34099501671955In our drafts we had created a logo saying FILMS4YOU it was in red as we were experimenting with colours. In Photoshop we started to create the logo for our front cover, we decided to have the 4 in blue as the red didnt seem to work as well, to connect the L and S together we drew in a square to make it look like it was flowing also we done the same on the end of the F to make sure it covered the I correctly. The M we changed to a smaller font to fit in between the L and S.<br /></li> </ul>