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  • 1. TalentTipping Point @BillBoorman The one with the hat #tru and @BillBoorman

2. TheTalent Shortage Myth 204 applicants per hire 97 applicants per job 95% unsuitable or unqualified An overdose of employer Blanding The average hire follows a company for 7 months with up to 40 connection points Culture brand not employer brand (and you dont own it!) 3. A FewTruths Recruiters should not be marketers Applicants and Candidates are different Candidate experience stinks Recruiter experience stinks Most companies have an applicant strategy only 40% of jobs are never filled Recruiters no longer interview Hiring Managers Hire 4. The 3 New Recruiter Roles Super Recruiter Data Manager/Sourcer Administrator (soon to be replaced by robots) Long list to short list Include internal mobility, rehires and workforce planning 5. The Candidate Journey C.R.M. (including current and ex-employees) A.T.S (as an applicant) C.R.M. Connecting rather than applying Candidate to Applicant to Candidate 6. Source Of Hire 45% internal 25% referral 10% rehire 20% sourced 7. Internal Data Employee System ATS Social Pages Performance Management Learning and Development Joined up data flow ATS for applicants only 8. External Data Social Profiles RealTime Access to employee networks for social referral Matching technology for relevant long list 9. Test Practice Applicant Centric Process Project Management Principles Joined Up Data Recruiter Dashboard Per Job SLA 10. Test Practice TimeTo Source Hiring Manager Ownership And Accountability Candidate Centre Culture Site And Career Site Continuous Feedback 11. ComingTrends Single Recruiter Dashboard Selection And Assessment Crowd SourcedAssessments Culture Fit Before Skills Video Assessment AsThe NormThroughTo On boarding AnApplicantTillThe End Of Probation 12. ComingTrends WorkAnywhere End Of HoursContracts ProjectTeams AsThe Norm Retention As A Poor Indicator Of Quality Of Hire WorkTests Over Interviews 13. The Aim One ApplicantTo One Hire