Top 10 Microsoft PowerPoint 2013 Features!

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We will take a look at the top 10 best features that may help you create drop-dead gorgeous presentations as well as increase your overall work productivity in Microsoft PowerPoint 2013.


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2. PowerPoint is surely the dominant mock-up and presentation software, and the way things are shaping up, its not going away anytime soon. But, the thing is that Microsoft Office is a costly product, and professionals need to be sure if the upgrade to 2013 version is really worth it. We will take a look at the top 10 best features that may help you create drop-dead gorgeous presentations as well as increase your overall work productivity. 3. A WARM WELCOME Unlike the PowerPoint 2010, the welcome screen in this version is actually useful. You can choose the style of presentation right upfront and also download your favorite themes and templates using the instant search feature. It also contains links to recent documents, and your SkyDrive accounts, which is pretty helpful, owing to the fact that you can use cloud storage to save your work and access it from any remote location. 4. SKYDRIVE & ACCOUNTS SWITCHING Although not a revolutionary feature, but hey, its the little things that count right? For those of you who hate having to log into your Microsoft account to download a particular file from SkyDrive, PowerPoint 2013 gives you the option to switch accounts and gain access to your SkyDrive immediately. 5. POWERPOINT WEB APP By now, you wouldve gotten the idea that Microsoft has designed the Office 2013 keep the usability of cloud storage in mind. So it logically follows that there must be some web app that works in conjunction with its desktop counterpart. This means that you now have the liberty to log into your SkyDrive and edit any file you want on the go. One drawback of web interface is that it is not as flexible as the desktop version, and therefore gives you only a few options for managing and editing your files. 6. IMPROVED MEDIA INTEGRATION The frustration of downloading videos for you presentation is over, because with PowerPoint 2013 we have the ability to import media directly from the web. You can link media from sites like Facebook and YouTube and not have to manually download the entire file. To top it off, it supports a variety of video and audio formats, so you no longer have to worry about installing different codecs to play the media. PowerPoint 2013 will do the job for you. Check Full Size Image Here 7. PRESENTATION VIEW JUST GOT BETTER One of the finest features of PowerPoint 2013 is the Presentation View, which has been improved drastically and has received much praise from the users. To begin with, the theme is much darker now, you no longer get that odd looking glow when you are presenting the content. There are three re sizable panes that you can set to your leisure. Read More. 8. DISCUSS PRESENTATION CONTENT WITH YOUR TEAM The new comment feature makes it easier for you to discuss content with your team regarding the presentation. Any comment once added appears in the Comment Task Pane. You can choose to show or hide the comments to suit your work from the Comment Task Pane. It lets you navigate from your available comments and slides as well. 9. IMPROVED SHAPE TOOLS Contrary to popular belief, the Merge tools arent the new thing in PowerPoint 2013, as they were also available in PowerPoint 2010. Now you can access the Join, Subtract, Fragment and Intersect from Drawing Tools, Format tab and Merge tools. PRESENT ONLINE Since its the era of the internet, so why not make presentations a little more presentable to audience, which present at different locations? PowerPoint 2013 allows your presentation attendees to download a copy of your presentation, so you can see both your own and the attendees views of the presentation the whole time. You can also play media during the online presentation, Read More 10. EYEDROPPER IS FINALLY HERE! Remember the times when you needed to pick the exact color and apply it elsewhere in a presentation? We sure do and it isnt the best of our memories. Luckily, Microsoft has decided to add this useful tool. You can find it in Home menu under the Shape Fill list. 11. BETTER ANIMATION CONTROL You can now control which part of your animation to play with the Play From button. Unlike the old Play button, you can now select a portion of the animation and play it, might be saving you some important time in your Elevator Presentation. It works simply by selecting an animation and clicking the Play From button. 12. Related Articles: A Complete Guide On Using Google Scholar For Academic Research What Are Access 2013 Web Apps? A Look Into New Features & Tools 13. Slides by writeawriting An Ultimate survival guide for Writers, Bloggers, Social Media Mavens, Business Experts and Marketing Guys