Top 10 Takeaways from the SaaStr Annual Conference in SF

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Time is of essence

Top 10 Takeaways from the SAASTR Annual Conference in SF

What is SaaSTr conference?

The most influential event in the SaaS industry150 speakers 5000 participants Opportunity to demonstrate your productChance to develop new friendships

Keynote Speakers:

Blond, S. (SVP Sales of Zenefits)Maccabe, E. (Co-founder at Intercom)Ellis, S. (Founder of Growth Hackers)Cassidy, B(VP Sales at Linkedin)

1. Not all content is created equal:Only high quality authentic content Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn differ in audience and style. Study the difference in style thoroughly before using the platforms to connect with the audience

2. Focus your attention on clients:Create customer centric design Be polite to customers Intercom is an amazing tool that helps to become closer to clients

3. Use SaaS metrics wisely:Growth ProfitabilityCash

strengthening the growth always goes with profitability and larger cash flow}

4. Today is the perfect time for the cloud business development: 42% of IT decision makers are planning to increase spending on cloud computing, with the greatest growth in enterprises with over 1,000 employees (52%) (Computerworld) Global SaaS software revenues are forecasted to reach $106B in 2016, increasing 21% over projected 2015 spending levels (Forrester)

5. Clients should not have any doubts about products reliability:

Everything should run smoothly: Creating simple products is hard Rock start UX is a must Ensure stability

6. Develop the right pricing model:Pricing strategy for traditional products differs from the pricing strategy for SaaS productsDo not give a discount if SaaS is purchased with a credit cardBuild a bigger discount for the larger enterprise dealsUnderstand when it is better to beat the rivals offer

7. Build a company-wide growth culture:Collect and analyze ideasShare all results with the teamImplement prompt testing with an ad hoc team

8. Benchmark your startup:Always go after a big guy Invest in salespeople Support salespeople

9. If you are afraid to risk, you are not an entrepreneur:Quantify, calculate and predict risks Risk is like a bad smell, but after a while you enjoy the results. V. Tsai (Founder of Tacha)

10. Building relationship between sales and customer success is important:Customer should be happy and satisfiedFocus more on what is convenient for the customer, not for the company.

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