Top 10 technology trends for 2017

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  • Top 10 Technology Trends for 2017

  • SummaryTechnology is moving at a speedier pace than at any other time.Pushing forward to 2017, the technologies will experience the most huge change and have the greatest effect on our lives.

  • IntroductionCloud, mobile and big data have, together, changed the very texture of traditional IT services and programming development.A great many old IT and tech occupations around the globe confront imminent extinction, thus, rest guaranteed, birthing numerous new ones.

  • Artificial intelligence(AI) AI is one of the biggest tech trends right now, and anyone with solid tech startup ideas. In, The area of machine learning has the potential to go after big startup investment rounds.As well as to be acquired by the likes of Google, Salesforce or Apple, all of which have acquired more than 40 tech start-ups related to AI.

    Trend #1

  • Cybersecurity ToolsMachine learning continues to be an essential tool in fighting increasingly complex hacking schemes. When it comes to fintech and the potential draining of billions from bank accounts.AI will be even more important to combat increasingly complex attacks.

    Trend #2

  • VR(Virtual Reality) Virtual Reality Probably will improve in hardware and the ways we interact with the virtual environments. Its no accident that Facebook purchased production of the VR Oculus Rift headset.Handicapped people may have access to VR in order to travel and engage with family members who are far away.

    Trend #3

  • Intelligent AppsIntelligent apps such as VPAs perform some of the functions of a human assistant making everyday tasks easier.Other intelligent apps such as virtual customer assistants (VCAs) are more specialized for tasks in areas such as sales and customer service.

    Trend #4

  • Digital Technology PlatformsEvery organization will have some mix of these five digital technology platforms in upcoming year 2017. The platforms provide the basic building blocks for a digital business and are a critical enabler to become a digital business.

    Trend #5

  • Others Techonology TrendsCompanies will use digital twins to display products.New way of communicating with mobile apps, IoT apps, web apps with peers.Blockchain for tracking the trasanctions.Adaptive security.

    Trend #6 To #9

  • Intelligent Things"Intelligent things" are at the intersection of AI and IoT(Internet of Things) and are among Gartner's top strategic trends for 2017.

    Trend #10

  • Many Technology can Possible in 2017Driverless Auto-Car3D Printing TechnologyCloaking DeviceMRI Scanner that reads and stores the memories

  • Many Technology can Possible in 2017 Contact Lenses Intelligent Bionic Plant Virtual Reality Glasses Conversational systems

  • ConclusionToday, innovation in technology is emerging at a rapid pace. In this regard, all these above mentioned exciting tech trends of this year should be checked. These trends have the capability to change the way business work.

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