Top 10 ways to increase website traffic ver Fast

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Top 10 wasy to increase wbsite Traffic very fast Increase website traffic fast blog traffic very fast tips


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2. Techobytes Steps into for Better Future 3. How increase website Traffic very fast 4. Guest Posting These days , big amount of Bloggers accepting guest posts. This is great way to increase website traffic and get reputation to your Niche. Always guest post on the website which have Good Amount of traffic as well as High Page Ran and Alexa Rank less tha 100K. Try to write post on same Niche. Guest posting is old and reliable way to get target traffic to your Blog.According to my point of view.Guest Post is best way to Increase Website Traffic 5. 6. Post Daily or Week If you have a large number of articles then you have large Targeted Traffic.Increase Website Traffic by Posting Regularly,Always post unique and High Quality Content which help you to increase page rank.I know that Post daily is difficult for us.So post 2 to 3 in a week .If you have new Blog then you post 2 3 unique articles daily 7. Giveaway I hope that you are familiar with Giveaway.Again i tell you that Giveaway means to give something free which is costly and most important but reader dont get it easily.I think it is best way to increase website Traffic because everyone want to get free and he moved to your Blog an Joined The contest and increase your Visitors by sharing your Giveaway.Targeted visitors are to much better than normal visitors. 8. 9. SEO Search engine optimization is backbone to generate targeted Traffic.Everyone know that SEO is not the one day game.It needs to much time and hard work.Optimized your Blog using Post Titles,On-page SEO and off-page SEO. Always use proper keywords for your Blogs.Dont use stop keyword which are rejected or less search on Google.Use Adword Keyword Planner to check keyword with their searches quantity,Competition etc.Submit your blog to popular and High Rank Directories.Submit sitemap to popular search engines. >> Also read: Best SEO tips to Generate heavy Traffic 10. 11. Commenting on High PR Blogs Many Blogs use Commentluv Plugin. CommentLuv is WordPress Plugin in which we share our comments with your Latest Post Link.You can comment and post your Link.Dont post to many URLs that Google considered as a Spam.It is an other best way to increase website Traffic.To Publish comment,appreciate the post and Post Author. Participate in Popular forums and used your Blog Link as signature.Use yahoo Questions answer and use signature blog link 12. 13. Social Media Social Media is another best way to Increase website traffic.there are many Social Networks but Facebook,YouTube,Google+,Twitter get Top position.All these social Medias have millions of billions visitors.Share your Content on Facebook groups and Pages.Make a small video of your content and upload on YouTube with proper keywords.Insert your Blog URL in Description.To do same thing for Twitter and Google+. Also read: Top social Medias of 2014 14. 15. Unique Content I only want to say that Content is King.If you have unique content then you have good amount of traffic,because people always attract to the unique content.Content unique creative and dont be copied because Google hates the duplicate content as well as readers.Write your content for readers not search engines.Always use simple and understandable language.Dont use difficult words so that reader cant understand 16. 17. Thanks for Patience I hope that it will helpful for you Techobytes Steps into for Better future