Top 20 useful websites

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Top 20 useful websites


<ul><li> 1. Top 20 Useful Websites</li></ul> <p> 2. New Things in web Skillshare is a website which allows you to learn online anywhere and anytime .Its very useful for those who are not getting time to learn their hobbies. It is place where you can learn many things with fewer fees. Screenr is helpful in making video of your desktop activity. This is a website which helps you to find similar websites for which you are searching. Ex- If you wants to know other websites like you can find it here. This website can be used for shorten your long URL. Free file sharing service. People often use for searching and downloading 3. For Fun&amp;Information This website is helpful to see the original URL from shortenURL. This website helps you to share your screen with any one on the web. You want to know who owns particular website with contact details. If a website is down during peak hours/heavy traffic, this website can help you. Broadcast you desktop screen live and many other options for broadcasting live in web. 4. For office work Excellent website for printing webpage without ads or anything you do not want to print. This website is helpful to those who are in search of many kind of icons. For office related works i.e.-Flow charts and diagrams. To download themes, templates and clip 5. Google Tricks To see your months/years backs search history. Watch YouTube channels in TV mode Prevent other person from knowing your search history. Shorten your URL. Want some new fonts? 6. Thanks For more info Like this</p>