Top 3 Reasons Why Algae Is The New Biofuel

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Renewable Energy entrepreneurs are now looking for the best algae photobioreactors with the right stuff. What is the right stuff you ask?


  • 1. What to Look for in a Algae Growing Machine by Vic G.Renewable Energy entrepreneurs are now looking for the best algae photobioreactors with the right stuff. What is the right stuff you ask? Well it has to be a algae farm that meets a number of challenges: be affordable, scalable, able to handle variable temperatures at different client sites.Low Cost of ImplementationThe first area of concern is always the cost. As with all systems of a commercial scale, cost is king. The technology at this point has many faces to include row crops, large open pond systems, race way systems and photo- bioreactors. Thy system you choose must have nutrients to feed the algae, water and sunlight. Your carbon dioxide inputs can be active or ambient air. Cross contamination of the algae is a concern, but intended use of the algae will be your guide.Continuous HarvestingHarvesting the algae will always be a concern depending on the system. It will take more effort to harvest algae from an open pond system than it would from a continuous harvesting photo-bioreactors. Continuous harvesters do just that, always harvest algae cake, at this point you will only need staff to move the algae cake to the next stations for drying and oil extraction.Oil Extraction There are three well-known methods to extract the oil from oilseeds,

2. and these methods apply equally well for algae too: 1. Expeller/Press2. Hexane solvent oil extraction3. Supercritical Fluid extraction Expeller/Press Expression/Expeller press-When algae is dried it retains its oilcontent, which then can be "pressed" out with an oil press. Manycommercial manufacturers of vegetable oil use a combination ofmechanical pressing and chemical solvents in extracting oil. While more efficient processes are emerging, a simple process is touse a press to extract a large percentage (70-75%) of the oils outof algae. Hexane Solvent Method Algal oil can be extracted using chemicals. Benzene and ether havebeen used, but a popular chemical for solvent extraction is hexane,which is relatively inexpensive. Supercritical Fluid Method Supercritical extraction involves, pressure and heat to burst algal cellwalls.No matter what algae medium you chose just make sure it meets your needs and production goals.Algae Biofuel will play a very important part in meeting the worlds growing energy need, Algae has a place in not only our past, but in our future as well.Vic G. has been a long proponent of bio-fuels from algae and produces bio- fuel for his own vehicles. He is currently helping others discover algae based fuels as a solution to high fuel prices. He can be contacted This is a "Shareware" Article(what's that? read on...)This article is shareware. Give this article away for free on your site, or include it as part of any paid package as long as the entire article is left intact including this notice. Copyright 2009 Vic G.