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Top Brands Social Media September 2013

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Guess who owned telco sector on Facebook in 2013? That's right...T-Mobile!

Text of Top Brands Social Media September 2013

  • 1. Social Media Shakedown of Top Brands in September 2013analyzed by

2. ANALYSIS OFBRANDS ON FACEBOOKSOFans, Conversations, Engagement, Campaigns, etc... 3. Brands that Gained the Most New Fans Added more than 2.8 Million Fans 3,000,0002,851,8892,812,557 2,492,6912,500,0002,000,4482,000,0001,500,0001,331,4491,244,0311,186,1901,171,534LogitechMasterCard1,105,1141,067,522KnorrNickelodeon1,000,000500,000-Samsung MobileSeptember 2013Nescafe Michael Kors Nintendo Paramount Handheld Pictures GamingCartoon Network 4. Brands with the Highest Fan Growth Rate experienced an astounding fan growth rate of 451%500% 450%451%431% 393%400%336%350%334%300%279%278%274% 238%250%202%200% 150% 100% 50% 0%Pacific LifeSeptember 2013LogitechVMware Paramount Cabo Diablo Horizon Suite PicturesScuderia FerrariVerizon BlueCross TomTom Small Biz BlueShield of South Carolina 5. Most Engaging Posts Across All SectorsSeptember 2013 6. Sector Leaders in the United States (Based on the Unmetric Score for Facebook)SectorBrandSectorAutomotiveEducationAviationFood & BeveragesBankingHospitalityBeverages AlcoholInsuranceConsumer ElectronicsLuxurySeptember 2013Brand 7. Sector Leaders in the United States (Based on the Unmetric Score for Facebook)SectorBrandSectorTelevisionRetail ChainsMobile & HandheldsSportsPersonal CareTechnologyRestaurant & CafeTelecom ServicesRetailTravelSeptember 2013Brand 8. A Closer Look at Selected Top Brands 9. Heineken - #Dropped Heinekens #Dropped campaign engaged well for them in September 10. Samsung Mobile USA Note 3 and Samsung Gear Samsung Mobile USA garnered high engagement posting around their Note 3 and the Samsung Gear. They posted most around Engagement Oriented Posts. 11. Walmart Engaging Posts Walmart posted most around Store-Specific updates but their best performing posts were engagement oriented. 12. H&M Content Strategy H&M had a balanced content strategy for the month of September, with questions to fans and posts around new products engaging the best for them. New ProductContest 13. T-Mobile Admin Responses and Engagement Details T-Mobile responded to an astounding 96.5% of their fan posts in an average of 1hr 13 minutes.Admin Participation : 96.5%Fans initiated 2,172 conversations on the TMobile Wall and they participated in 96.5%. 14. Michael Kors - #AllAccessKors Michael Kors has the highest Unmetric Score in the Luxury sector and their #AllAccessKors campaign engaged very well for them. 15. ANALYSIS OFBRANDS ONTWITTERSOFollowers, Customer Service Metrics, Campaigns, etc... 16. Brands that Gained the Most New Followers 2,000,000 1,800,000added 1.7 million new Followers on Twitter1,779,1351,600,0001,368,9971,400,0001,283,5941,200,000928,6851,000,000 800,000633,470 600,000494,916476,298457,967447,119CNN Breaking NewsAndroidMicrosoftThe New York Times400,000399,833200,000 -InstagramSeptember 2013TwitterYouTubeFacebookEllen DeGeneresCNN 17. Brands that Tweeted the Most News brands have been the most prolific tweeters. 10,0009,159 9,0009,0668,000 7,000 6,0004,8555,000 4,0003,2633,0002,958 2,3152,2552,2312,1932,153E! Online7NEWS Denver Channel2,0001,000 -Huffington JPMorgan Post Chase JobsSeptember 2013Standard Wells Fargo Chartered Careers JobsBusiness InsiderCNETNBC10 The Philadelphia Associated Press 18. Sector Leaders in the United States (Based on the Unmetric Score for Twitter)SectorBrandSectorAutomotiveEducationAviationFood & BeveragesBankingHospitalityBeverages AlcoholInsuranceConsumer ElectronicsLuxurySeptember 2013Brand 19. Sector Leaders in the United States (Based on the Unmetric Score for Twitter)SectorBrandSectorTelevisionRetail ChainsMobile & HandheldsSportsPersonal CareTechnologyRestaurant & CafeTelecom ServicesRetailTravelSeptember 2013Brand 20. A Closer Look at Selected Top BrandsSO 21. American Express #passionprojectzps American Express tweeted extensively around #Passionproject and #Passionprojectzps. #Passionprojectzps and #neverforget were the brands most engaging hashtags for September. 22. Pizza Hut Customer Service Pizza Hut responds to 21% of their mentions, which is much higher than the sector average of 9% Pizza Hut replied to 13,871 tweets in September, with an ART of 1hr 14 mins.Apart from plain text, their most popular reply strategy was a request to view a link.8am-12 noon had to have the highest ART for Pizza Hut, with most of the outliers coming within that bracket. 23. Mac Engagement Study Mac had an average engagement score of 277, for the month of September. These are some of their most engaging tweets for the month. 24. BMW Content Strategy Tweets with Links engaged best for BMW, these were also the most popular type of tweet. 25. Victoria Secret #vsfashionshow Victoria Secret posted most around #vsfashionshow, this was also their most engaging tag. 26. ANALYSIS OFBRANDS ONYOUTUBESOViews, Shares, Uploads, Top Video, etc... 27. Brands with the Most New Views added an incredible 79 million views90,000,000 80,000,00079,130,45770,000,000 60,000,000 50,000,000 40,000,00066,621,412 59,499,869 52,518,03349,541,37040,162,662 31,087,90730,000,000 20,000,000 10,000,000 -September 201325,689,13725,304,96823,878,391 28. Top Videos of the Month Motorola - Moto X Lazy Phone AdDior Homme Official Directors CutSony Xperia Z1Chipotle The ScarecrowSeptember 2013 29. Sector Leaders in the United States (Based on the Unmetric Score for YouTube)SectorBrandSectorAutomotiveEducationAviationFood & BeveragesBankingHospitalityBeverages AlcoholInsuranceConsumer ElectronicsLuxurySeptember 2013Brand 30. Sector Leaders in the United States (Based on the Unmetric Score for YouTube)SectorBrandSectorTelevisionRetail ChainsMobile & HandheldsSportsPersonal CareTechnologyRestaurant & CafeTelecom ServicesRetailTravelSeptember 2013Brand 31. A Closer Look at Selected Top BrandsSO 32. Motorola - Moto X Lazy Phone Ad Tired of having to touch your lazy phone? Moto X responds to your voice and frees up your hands for more important things. Just talk.Video Views Growth 33. Dior Homme Official Directors Cut Dior Homme Fragrance Uncensored Director's Cut starring Robert Pattinson, directed by Romain Gavras. Music by Led Zeppelin.Video Views Growth 34. Sony Xperia Z1 - all the power and smartness from Sony in a premium smartphone Introducing Sony's brand new smartphone, Xperia Z1, featuring the award winning G Lens from Sony, Exmor RS and intelligent BIONZ processing engine for mobile - the same quality and performance as Sony's compact digital cameras is now in one revolutionary smartphone.Video Views Growth 35. Chipotle The Scarecrow Watch "The Scarecrow," the companion film for Chipotle's new app-based game. Then download the free app at and join the quest for wholesome, sustainable food. The song "Pure Imagination" performed by Grammy Award--winning artist Fiona Apple, is available for download on iTunes.Video Views Growth 36. THANK YOU Please contact us [email protected] for more informationAbout Unmetric : Unmetric works with leading brands and agencies to help them establish benchmarks for their social media teams and social media campaigns. The data provided by the Unmetric (SaaS) platform is instrumental in facilitating understanding and driving down costs by creating more efficient social media teams.

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