Top Takeaways from Mobile World Congress

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    T O P T A K E A W A Y S F R O M

    Check out PGi 's key takeaways f rom th is year 's event in Barce lona , Spa in .

  • A few weeks ago, Mobile World Congress 2017 kicked on in Barcelona, Spain with some of the biggest names in tech descending upon the city to show off the top tech products. From new phones from LG and Sony to tablets, VR and the rise of robots, we wanted to take a moment to recap some of the top takeaways from this years event.

  • UPSWING OF THE IOTIf you read PGis 2017 Future of Business Collaboration eBook, then you already know that the Internet of Things (IoT) is poised to revolutionize how we work and live. Unsurprisingly, the IoT dominated the show floor at MWC with automotive companies, in particular, demonstrating how connected cars will change our lives like your car texting you when it needs an oil change for example. The IoT is gaining traction, and with the help of 5G, will connect an estimated 20 billion devices by 2020.

  • 5G may not be here just yet, but it is coming, and it is going to be transformative. While the technical standard has yet to be settled, many industry leaders have already published general benchmarks for the new technology.


    These studies cite download speeds of up to 10 gigs per second (1000 times faster than4G), and that the network can support one million connected devices per square kilometer.

    The widespread use of 5G is not without challenges, though. It will require new infrastructure, new global standards and massive investment.

  • THE RISE OF ROBOTSLike out of a Sci-Fi novel, it has become increasingly apparent that the rise of the robots is really gaining traction. Robots roamed the conference floor of MWC this year, with a notable standout robot named Pepper who greeted conference attendees and carried an iPad to share conference information with attendees. In the near future, robots like Pepper, could become commonplace at events with information for attendees or at retail environments to assist customers with purchases.

  • HD VOLTE CONFERENCING ON MOBILEPGi was delighted to reveal a surprise of our own at MWC 2017 with the debut of the mobile collaboration exchange. PGis mobile collaboration exchange provides a first-of-its-kind global conferencing and collaboration service that leverages PGis existing global conferencing network and audio infrastructure to provide mobile operators a way to deliver an HD audio and video conferencing experience and maximize their existing investments in their LTE and VoLTE infrastructure.

    Currently, mobile HD audio is only experienced on point-to-point calls, but by interconnecting to PGis platform for mobile collaboration exchange either directly or through an IPX HD audio conferences can be experienced by any VoLTE customer on any network, in any country.

  • Want to learn more about MWC and PGi's new announcement? Check out to learn more. Don't forget todownload PGi's free eBook, 2017 Future of Business Collaboration to check out more of

    2017's tech trends.