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  • 1. PS 0270
    Done by:Rasidah Mahmud 10d0010
    Lecturer:Dr. Leong Yong Pak
    Submission date:25th September 2010
    Sub-Topic: Transformation Rotation
    Subject: Mathematics
    Year: 10
    Specific objectives:At the end of the lesson, students will be able to:
    Rotate an object on a coordinate plane.
    Identify the direction of rotation.
    Identify the centre of rotation.
    Identify the angle of rotation.
    Identify the coordinates of the object under a rotation.
    Learning Outcomes:
    Students will learn how to identify, describe and perform transformation rotation.
    1. How to teach the lesson
    Pre Lesson Step 1: Prepare for the lesson
    Resources needed: Computer or Laptop with good internet connectivity.Website:
    The Lesson Step 2: Introduce the topic Give brief explanation about Transformation-Rotation program, how to open and use the program to the students.
    Explanation:Transformation-Rotation is a program where students can dynamically interact with an object and see the result of a rotation transformation.
    Open the programa) Go to: Choose Geometry Grade 9-12 and then click the selected area as shown below to view the list of available Geometry topics.
    Click this area. 166751013335Click this area.
    Click to open the program 1790700271145c) Select Transformation-Rotation topic as shown below.
    d) Open the program as shown below.
    Use the program
    2099310252730Click the clear button first, to clear the displayed object.
    Click the clear button here Displayed object
    1880235263525Check the box to show the coordinate axes (horizontal and vertical).
    Note: To remove the coordinate axes, uncheck the box.
    Angle between two lines = Angle of rotationIdentify the centre of rotation and angle of rotation.
    Centre point = Centre of rotation
    3027680257175Centre of rotation (Centre point)
    To change the centre of rotation: Using mouse, select the centre point; click, hold and drag it to the desired point.
    Angle of rotation (Angle between two lines)
    To change the angle of rotation: Using mouse, select this point; click, hold and drag it either clockwise or anti clockwise direction to change the size of an angle.Clockwise: Drag point to the rightAnti-Clockwise: Drag point to the left97536064135
    Inserting an object
    Choose one or more shapes here and click to insert it.293116019050
    Change the colour of shapes here.
    2343785587375Note: Students may insert more shapes by placing it at the original object as shown below, and then, combine it to become one object.
    Result of the rotated object.Rotating an object
    - Original object with black border- Rotate object by clicking and dragging it.
    Deleting an object
    - To delete an object, select an original object and then, click the delete button.- To delete the inserted object, drag it to the bin as shown on the bottom right corner of the program.
    4Step 3: Students Activity
    Click the next arrow button to proceed with activity 2 and activity 3.438150660400Click on Activities to view the list of available activities for the students. It will be on the right-hand side of the program as shown below:
    Activity 1
    Suggested students activity
    Low achievers studentsActivity 1: Playing with Rotations- Read and explain the instructions to the students- Give hint to the students
    Medium achievers studentsActivity 1: Playing with Rotations and Activity 2: Hitting a Target- Read the instructions to the students
    High achievers studentsActivity 2: Hitting a Target and Activity 3: Describing Rotations- Students will understand the instructions on their own - No hint will be given to the students
    How to teach the lesson
    Pre Lesson
    Step 1: Prepare for the lesson
    Materials needed: Protractor, compasses, ruler and graph paper.
    The Lesson
    Step 2: Introduce the topic
    Give brief explanation with diagram and examples of Transformation- Rotation on the whiteboard to the students.
    Rotation is a transformation in which object is rotated about fixed point. The direction of rotation can be clockwise or anti-clockwise.
    Clockwise rotation turns an object to the right direction whereas Anti- clockwise rotation turns an object to the left direction.
    The fixed point in which the rotation takes place is called the centre of rotation.
    The amount of rotation made is called the angle of rotation.
    B1A1.BC1Clockwise Rotation by 90 b) Anti-Clockwise Rotation by 90
    Centre of rotation, OCentre of rotation, O00BACA
    66Step 3: Suggested Students Exercise
    Low achievers students
    Exercise:Rotate triangle ABC through 90 in a clockwise direction about point P.
    Draw a line PC between P and C
    Measure the line PC
    Draw a line 90 clockwise from PC, centre P, the same length as PC
    Repeat the method for B and A on the original shape
    Finally join up the ends of the lines to make the original shape but rotated through 90.
    Medium achievers studentsExercise: Rotate triangle ABC with vertices A (1, 2), B (3, 2) and C (1, 6) through 120 in a clockwise direction about point P (-2,-3).
    High achievers studentsExercise:
    Write a rule to describe each rotation.
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