Twitter & Facebook 101

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High-level overview of Twitter & Facebook.

Text of Twitter & Facebook 101

  • 1. Social Media 101:Facebook & Twitter

2. Facebook
3. Facebook
What is it?
Largest social network on the planet with over 300 million active users (or the 5th largest country in the world).
A place to connect with and share your life with friends, family, organizations or complete strangers.
4. Facebook
Why should I use Facebook?
Facebook has become the global social networking standard
Not just for college students & 20-somthings anymore
Connect to friends, family or organizations
Share comments, photos, videos, games, recommendations
Fastest growing segment: Women over 55
5. Facebook
Profile Features
Photo Galleries
Privacy Settings
6. Facebook
Facebook Features
Fan Page
Group Page
7. Twitter
8. Twitter
What is it?
Twitter is a free social-messaging tool for staying connected in real-time. It is sometimes called a "micro-blogging service" that enables its users to send and read other users' short (140-character) updates, known as tweets.
- Beth Harte, Ann Handley - MarketingProfs
9. Twitter
Why should I use Twitter?
Connect to people with similar interests
Communicate your opinions, thoughts or expertise
Find out what other people are saying
10. Twitter
Twitter Lingo
@ - Public message to anyone on Twitter. Use the "@" symbol:
D Private (direct) message to someone who follows you. Use the "D" symbol followed by a space:
11. Twitter
Twitter Lingo
RT - To repeat or repost a tweet that someone else posted use "RT
# - Hashtags are used to keep track of conversations that are happening within Twitter (#azcardinals, #idol, #cat09)
12. Twitter
Getting Started
Write a good personal bio
Add your photo
Customize the background
13. Twitter
Following People & Businesses
Do a topical search on subjects you are interested in (Suns, @cschandler, Lost) at & follow those profiles
Look at the people that are your connections are following
Twitter directories
14. Twitter
Twitter management
UberTwitter (BlackBerry)
URL shorteners
Exhaustive list of Twitter applications:
15. Connecting Twitter & Facebook
16. Connecting Twitter & Facebook
17. Thank You!
Kory Kredit
Twitter: @korykredit