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Twitter is not easy. How do you use it for business to improve marketing and sales. Basics.


<ul><li> 1. TwitterBasics for business</li></ul> <p> 2. You can say a lotin 140 characters#FunF act 3. In Japan29.9 million users90 million tweets per day making it #3worldwide 4. That was powerful and only 74 characters. 5. But what is the big deal...Whats the difference? 6. A pubThe trade showThe meet and greet 7. Imagine 8. [Tokyo Dome photo] 9. food Chiba NPOs artists Tokyo CamberChamber Euro ChamberANZCCJRandomCCCJUnited NationsmusiciansNGOs ACCJKanagawa ChamberTrade independent businessesorgsstart 10. That is 11. FACT:Twitter users areyoung, smart, afuent,&amp; tech-savvy. 12. US Twitter users are more educated than thegeneral population. Monthly Twitter users 18+ Total Population 18+ 3330 2323 19171613128Advanced degree Some Graduate Credits 4-YR college 1-3 Yrs collgeHighschool Source: Hubspot 13. What we found... 79% 69% Lots of clicks More page views 14. Cost reductionAs part a larger inbound marketing plan 15. But How canwork formy business? 16. 7 Ways Twitter can workfor your business 17. 1) People candiscover yourcompany andservices. 18. 2) Build your brandand brand loyalty. 19. 3) Generate andnurture leads. 20. 4) Learn by listening topotential customers. 21. 5) Exert yourexpertise in aeld. 22. 6) Be useful to those looking forservices in your eld. 23. 7) Get to know yourcompetition and strategize.have They have T h ey ap se rviceinbound crmarketing!They havegreat info.Ih ave a be ard. 24. How do you manage it all? 25. One tool of many...for eective inbound marketing 26. Promote your businessAnywhere &amp; Anytime w/#Twitter. 27. Two short storiesCharmin Toilet 28. Charmin Toilet paper#tweetfromtheseat &amp; sitorsquat appBeing useful, informative yet having fun. 29. JapanTouristTaiji Hunt astroturfTaking a stance that improves yourbrand and informs the public. 30. Thank youJustin W. DartSocial Media Marketing Manager @ideasabound</p>