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Ubiz Mobile App | Biz Biz Business Opportunity | Ubiz Mobile App Opportunity -(Click Here For More Information) http://gomobilecoupons.com/mobile-app-launch/ The Ubiz Mobile App Opportunity is gaining a lot of attention due to the industry numbers. Take a look at the Mobile trends. Look where the mobile industry is going. Ubiz Mobile app and the BizBiz opportunity is right with the trends of Mobile Marketing. We are looking for Merchants and representatives to help get the Ubiz App out. Contact me for more details.


  • 1. INTRODUCING...THE NEX-GEN REVOLUTION!THE BizBiz.mobi REVOLUTION!A life changing opportunity in the palm of your hand!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014

2. Business PresentationTHE BEST WAY TO PREDICT THE FUTURE...IS TO CREATE IT!!!BizBiz.mobi has created the most innovative andlucrative Mobile Phone Application in the world today!ITS SO SIMPLE... USE IT... SHARE IT... AND EARN!BizBiz.mobi WILL BE YOUR GLOBAL SUCCESS PARTNER!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 3. Business PresentationKEYS FOR GLOBAL SUCCESS1. THE COMPANY2. THE ADVERTISINGINDUSTRY3. OUR PRODUCT4. THE MOBILE PHONEAPPLICATION INDUSTRY5. THE OPPORTUNITY6. COMPENSATIONAll Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 4. Business PresentationOUR COMPANYBizBiz.mobi founded in 2012, has developed one of the worlds most innovative mobileapplications - - and combined it with an exclusive and lucrative income opportunity.Combining the proven platforms of Network Marketing and Direct Selling, BizBiz.mobiis about to become an international household name and change the lives of countlesspeople around the globe. BizBiz.mobi has a strategic alliance with one of the worldsleading online business directory companies (similar to online Yellow Pages).AiYellow.com - our sister company is a 7 year old,debt free corporation with more than 40,000 sales representativesand over 1.2 million customers worldwide!AiYellow has corporate offices in 34 countriesand is doing business in over 120 countries.AiYellow has paid close to $80 MILLION DOLLARSin commissions since 2007!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 5. Business PresentationWITH THIS STRATEGIC ALLIANCE...BizBiz.mobis launch campaign will instantly merge its Cutting Edge technologies withthe 40,000+ representatives and over one million existing customers from AiYellow.comaround the world!BizBiz.mobi will SIMULTANEOUSLY LAUNCH...in 123 countries and 34 languages!!THIS UNIQUE PHENOMENA WILL IMMEDIATELY CREATEA MASSIVE WAVE OF GLOBAL MOMENTUM!Please visit www.AiYellow.com for more informationAll Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 6. Business PresentationADVERTISING IS ONE OF THEWORLDS LARGEST INDUSTRIESThis year Global Advertising Expenditureswill exceed...$1.6 TRILLION DOLLARS!!*The emergence of Digital Media andits ability to reach out globally with theInternet, Smartphones and SmartphoneApplications (apps) has REVOLUTIONIZEDthe future of the entire industry.Today any business has the ability toadvertise, promote and sell their productsand services to anyone on the planet.*Source: McKinsey & Company - Global Media Report 2013All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 7. Business PresentationAll Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014THE PRODUCTThe BizBiz.mobi application is called .is an innovative social advertising platform and tool thattargets and connects advertisers with existing and potentialcustomers within their geographical location known in the industryas Localization. This unique technology gives the advertisers(merchants) the ability to broadcast their business andpromotional information to all members within a 6 mileradius of their location!The app standard features:The app will be available ABSOLUTELY FREE to users and merchantsand can be downloaded from the Apple StoreTM and Google PlayTM.The app gives merchants the ability to instant message members withpromotions or specials. Within the application, users can be Visible or Invisible.Visible members will be able to communicate with other Visible members. 8. Business PresentationAll Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014THE PRODUCTapp Active features:Merchants can upgrade their Free listing to an Activelisting and the advantages are amazing!FOR ONLY $30 PER YEAR - (8 CENTS PER DAY!)The merchant will have the ability to:U>V>iEXISTING customers on their smartphones,anywhere in the world!U 1>`]}>`>}iU ->i>`VU ->i`*-VU 1ii}}U 6iiiv app users in their zoneUViii`iViiThe merchant will be able to use all this technology to reachboth their existing customers PLUS a new market with newcustomers every single day!! FOR ONLY PENNIES A DAY!! INCREDIBLE!! 9. INDUSTRY TIMING...All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 20142013:73 BILLION PER YEAR!2014:119 BILLION PER YEAR!AND 2016...290 BILLIONPER YEAR!!!APP DOWNLOADS PER YEAR 10. Business PresentationCAN YOU IMAGINE!Billions of apps have already beendownloaded worldwide and billionsof dollars in revenues have alreadybeen generated......only BizBiz.mobi can continueto revolutionize this GLOBALphenomena while simutaneouslybringing YOU! to the forefront of it.ONLY BizBiz.mobi ALLOWS YOUTO CREATE A GLOBAL INCOMEFROM ANYWHERE...ON THE PLANET !!!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 11. Business PresentationTHE NEXT GENERATIONBizBiz.mobi WANTS TO BE YOUR PARTNER...AND HELP YOU ACHIEVE SUCCESS!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 12. Business PresentationJOIN US FOR FREE AND RECEIVE:U ii`iVi`WebsiteU Opportunity Landing PageU Product Landing PageU Smartoffice to trackyour organizations growthINCREDIBLE!!!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 13. Business PresentationAll Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014ACTIVATIONTo become an Independent BizBiz.mobi Associate, you simply makeiiVivf{x1- 14. With your purchase you will receive your own personalizedBizBiz Online Business Center plus 10 app Activation Codeswith a retail value of $300 USD.There are TWO different ways to marketyour BizBiz.mobi Business:U,i-i 15. iV-i}`U`}/-i/i ii} 16. Business PresentationCOMPENSATIONRetail Sales (Direct selling):Associates sell their app Activation Codes forf1- 17. iVvi`]v]Lii`merchants. This creates a retail profit of $15 USDper app Activation Code sold.Simply sell all 10 codesand earn a retail profit of over 100%!!WHO YOU DO BUSINESS WITH WILL BECOME YOUR CUSTOMER,YOUR HAIRDRESSER, YOUR MECHANIC, YOUR GROCER ETC.THEY WILL ALL BE HAPPY TO BECOME YOUR BizBiz.mobi CUSTOMER...BECAUSE ITS ONLY PENNIES PER DAY!!AS AN ASSOCIATE, YOU CAN PURCHASE AND RETAIL AS MANY CODESAS YOU LIKE. THERE IS NO LIMIT TO THE AMOUNT YOU CAN EARN!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 18. Business PresentationBUILDING YOUR SALES TEAM(NETWORK MARKETING)BizBiz.mobi rewards Associatesthat share the opportunity with othersand help build Sales Teams.BizBiz.mobi also rewards Associates forworking and supporting those teamsby helping the team members achievenew ranks within the company.BizBiz.mobi HAS THE INDUSTRIESMOST LUCRATIVE AND SIMPLECOMPENSATION PLAN!THE COMPENSATION PLAN GIVES YOUMULTIPLE STREAMS OF INCOME!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 19. Business Presentation7 WAYS TO EARN INCOMEU , /- - 1-U -/-/,/ 1-U / 1 20. , 1-U -//, 1-U 21. ,-* 1-U -1* , / , 1-U 22. 1WORLD POOL BONUSAll Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 23. Business PresentationIM READY! HOW TO GET STARTED?Simply download the app TODAY and join our network absolutely FREE!Then become an independent associate by completing a one time purchase of app Activation `iv 9f{x1- 24. f1- 25. fx1- 26. `You will receive 10 app Activation Codes plus your own personalized BizBiz Online BusinessCenter positioned within the companys compensation plan structure.Then...Retail your app Activation Codes for a retail profit of more than 100%.Qualify your BizBiz Online Business Center by sharing the BizBiz.mobi business opportunitywith two new partners.One on your first team and one on your second team.Then simply HELP your two new partners do the same as you did.... and then help their partners and so on.Do you want more than two partners!?... GO FOR IT!!!You can share BizBiz.mobi with as many people as you like!WITH FOCUS AND EFFORT... YOUR SUCCESS AND FUTUREARE YOURS TO CONTROL... FOREVER!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 27. Business PresentationWHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR YOU?JUST LOOK AT ONE EXAMPLE OF WHAT ABSOLUTELY WILL HAPPEN:-iiviVi]i`i`iincredible BizBiz.mobi opportunity and joins our revolution. They in turn have a friend inMoscow, Russia who also immediately sees what is about to happen and partners with us. iViLi]Vii`iLtrend and jumps in! They in turn have an old school chum in Bogota, Colombia - SouthAmerica who also recognizes what the future will bring and embraces the opportunity...WHAT THAT MEANS IS:From the comfort of your home you have the POWERto build a massive GLOBAL BUSINESS from the momentyou start on your path of success with BizBiz.mobiAll Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 28. Business PresentationYOUR INSTANT GLOBAL BUSINESS!!!BizBiz.mobi WILL BE OPEN IN 123 COUNTRIES OPERATING IN 34 LANGUAGES!All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014 29. Business PresentationTHE FUTURE IS HERE!!!THE FUTURE IS NOW!!!YOUR FUTURE IS...All Rights Reserved BizBiz.mobi 2014