Using technology to make your customer data work for you

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This is a presentation I gave at the PPRG Conference on 13th November 2010.


<ul><li> 1. Using technology to make your customer data work for you Mark Travis Marketing Executive &amp; Editor, Panlibus Magazine Talis </li></ul> <p> 2. The data journey Data raw, unedited Information understanding relations Knowledge understanding patterns Wisdom understanding principles 3. Database Repository of data Structures data Allows queries to be executed 4. Database Marketing Drivers for database marketing Changing role of direct marketing Changing cost structures Changing technology Changing economic conditions 5. Salesforce Salesforce Data Protection Act 6. Email Communications Part of integrated marketing campaign VerticalResponse A/B testing 7. Google Analytics 8. Google Analytics 9. VizLib Project 10. Other Technologies Blogs - Wordpress Podcasts - Audacity Videos iMovie, Camtasia Web 2.0 11. Web 2.0 Technologies Twitter - TweetDeck Facebook Flickr 12. Conclusion Your customer data is important Technology can help Use your expertise to gain wisdom from your data </p>