Using the Fundraising Funnel to Maximize Your Fundraising

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Joe Garecht, founder of The Fundraising Authority and author of two books on fundraising, will outline the strategy that has helped him raise over $30 million during his fundraising career.


  • 1.Using the Fundraising Funnel to Maximize Your Fundraising Presented by Joe Garecht

2. Joe Garecht Founder, The Fundraising Authority Author of The Non-Profit Fundraising Formula and The Silent Auction Handbook Have raised over $30 million during my fundraising career 2 3. Jay B. Love CEO and Co-Founder of Bloomerang 30 Years of Technology Leadership Over 20,000 Database Installations Former Founder & CEO of eTapestry Former CEO of Master Software/Fund-Master AFP Board Member Chairman AFP Ethics Committee Center on Philanthropy at IU Board Member Innovation Fund at Butler University Board Member Gleaners Food Bank Board Member Co-Chair of Indianapolis YMCA Capital Campaign 3 4. The Donor Funnel Prospect Cultivate Ask Steward 4 5. The Donor Funnel PROSPECTING CULTIVATION ASKING STEWARDSHIP 5 6. Step #1: Prospecting 6 7. Step #1: Prospecting 7 8. Step #1: Prospecting 8 9. Step #1: Prospecting 9 The BEST way to find new prospects: REFERRALS 10. Step #1: Prospecting 10 The NEXT best way to find new prospects: Non-Ask Events! 11. Step #2: Cultivation 11 12. Step #2: Cultivation Relationships are built between PEOPLE. 12 13. Step #2: Cultivation How Do You Build Relationships? 13 14. Step #3: Asking 14 15. Step #3: Asking 15 16. Step #3: Asking What is your donor thinking? 16 17. Step #3: Asking What is an ASK? 17 18. 18 19. How to Handle Donor Objections 19 Make sure you understand the objection. Restate the question and validate the concern. Answer the objection. 20. Step #4: Stewardship 20 21. Step #4: Stewardship Keep In Touch 21 22. Final Piece of the Puzzle Effective use of a Donor Database allows the Donor Funnel process to be a natural progression of the relationship . . . 23. Engagement is the Linchpin The word "linchpin" is also used figuratively to mean "something [or someone] that holds the various elements of a structure together." 24. Engagement is the KEY To Donor Retention! 25. Yes, your eyes read correctly: Over SIX out of every TEN Donors from the previous year did NOT donate at all the next year! 26. CUE THE EXPERTS: Dr. Adrian Sargeant Bloomerang Chief Scientist Professor of Fundraising at the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University holding what is presently the worlds only endowed chair in that discipline. Top 10 Most Influential People in Fundraising Renowned expert on Donor Retention and Donor Loyalty Mr. Tom Ahern Bloomerang Donor Communications Head Coach One of the worlds top authorities on donor communications Author of 4 books on Donor Communications Winner of 3 prestigious international IABC Gold Quill awards 27. DONOR RETENTION BEST PRACTICES Dr. Adrian Sargeant Bloomerang Chief Scientist A 10% improvement in retention can double the LIFETIME value of your donor database! 28. Donor Retention Made Simple 30 29. 6 Key Retention Drivers (That can double lifetime value) Drip feed mission performance data Connect often Be personal (SEGMENT) Develop like a good personal friendship Find & use numerous human connectors Always communicate what monies are doing! 30. # of Donors in Current 12 Months (from the previous years pool) Divided by # of Donors in Previous 12 Months Calculating Your Retention Rate 31. Donor Retention Meter The Dow Jones of your database Measures back exactly 365 days Reflects changes daily, weekly and monthly Automatic, no guesswork What is watched is addressed 32. The total net contribution that a customer/donor generates during his/her lifetime in your database Defining Lifetime Value 33. $1000 + $500 - $1000 $100 - $500 $25 and under annually $25 - $100 Value 36 Value Segments Time 34. Automatic Engagement Factors Recency and pattern of giving Cash donors vs. sustaining donors # of years giving + Upgrade / Downgrade + - Lapsed - Event attendance + Opens email + Click links in emails + Unsubscribes from email - Has stated communication preferences + Has inbound interactions + Has soft credits + Volunteers + Social Media (coming soon) and a whole lot more! 35. Engagement Level Graph The Donor thermometer of your database Updated automatically daily Adrians expert formulas/algorithms No user set-up required! Easy to filter and report on Springboard for major/legacy giving 36. What is the donors engagement over time! Highlight vital retention information --- 37. Timeline Highlights If you use Facebook you know it Everyone can use Adrians expert formulas/algorithms No user set-up required! Perfect for a smart phone or tablet Access ever donor touch point in seconds 38. Engagement Begins With The Thank You! 39. DONOR COMMUNICATION BEST PRACTICES Mr. Tom Ahern Bloomerang Donor Communications Head Coach "Successful direct mail appeals are quite simple. At heart, they are love letters to donors & prospects, woven through with clear cries for help." 40. 5 Acknowledgment Principles (Drastically Improve First Year Donor Retention) 48 Hour Rule Be Different Than the Rest Handwritten Rule Written Communications State Exactly What the Monies will Fund Call or See in Person as Often as Possible 41. 5 Communication Strategy Practices (Involve Your Entire Fundraising Team) Fully Map a Track for Each Key Segment Survey in 1st 90 Days, Then Honor Involve Human Connectors Nurture Means Personal Never Forget the You Test for EVERY Touch 42. Questions? 51 Joe Garecht The Fundraising Authority 215.839.9085 Jay B. Love Bloomerang 317-513-8000 43. Next Webinar 10/22 1pm Keith Curtis Recruiting and Building a Strong Board