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  • 1. WATERBy Joey Hunter and Sean Fagan
  • 2. PeopleTheres aproblem
  • 3. And it is simply that there isnt enough clean water to go around for everyone..
  • 4. In Africa familiesaverage 1 gallon of water a day.
  • 5. While in Los AngelesFamilies average 130 gallons of water a day.
  • 6. And poor peoplepay 20% 0f theirincome to water
  • 7. 5/10 people die from waterrelated diseases in Africa
  • 8. And if they have water..
  • 9. Its Dirty and filled with diseases
  • 10. The diseases in water can be Cholera E Coli Parasite worms Amoebas
  • 11. People are Dying from this
  • 12. Half the hospital beds around theworld are filled withpeople that have awater borne Illness.
  • 13. And every 8seconds someonedies from a water borne illness
  • 14. And these are thepeople being affected
  • 15. We are using to much Water! The average washing machine takes over 100 Liters to run one load. A new a pair of sneakers uses 1,274 gallons of water. Chairs take 11,000 gallons to produce. A New car takes 39,000 Gallons to produce. A Yacht takes millions of gallons to Produce.
  • 16. And its only going to get worse
  • 17. As water usage is increasing faster than populationMany cities will simply dry up by 2030.
  • 18. But you can make a change.
  • 19. You can donate to the following charitiesCharity: WaterGlobal WaterThe Water ProjectLife Straw
  • 20. You can alsoInstall low flow faucetsConvert Your Toilets to low flow OptionCheck your plumbing for cracks our breaksCover your pools when you arent using themUse Energy Star appliances
  • 21. You can make a Difference!
  • 22. You can help these people
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