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WCMs Redheaded Stepchild - SharePointlandia

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Why does SharePoint have such a bad reputation for Web Content Management (WCM)? In this session, we will check out the WCM market leaders like SDL, Sitecore, and Adobe to see why these vendors get all the limelight. We will compare the capabilities of these popular solutions to SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, and SharePoint Online to see where SharePoint falls short. We will also look at several scenarios that illustrate when SharePoint is a good fit as a WCM solution and when to look elsewhere.

Text of WCMs Redheaded Stepchild - SharePointlandia

  • 1. @davidsamoranskiWCMs Redheaded StepchildDavid SamoranskiDirector, Western Regiontwitter @davidsamoranskidavid.samoranski

2. @davidsamoranskiSession SummaryCapabilities Market Leaders SharePoint Scenarios 3. @davidsamoranskiCAPABILITIES 4. @davidsamoranskiWCM BasicsAuthoring ControllingPersonalizing IntegratingWeb Content 5. @davidsamoranskiAuthoring ContentTemplates MetadataApprovals Feedback 6. @davidsamoranskiControlling ContentCheck-in/out VersionsSecurity Lifecycle 7. @davidsamoranskiPersonalizing ContentReal-time AdaptiveInteractive Immersive 8. @davidsamoranskiIntegrating ContentCustomer Data Partner DataPublic Data Business Data 9. @davidsamoranskiAdditional CapabilitiesEcommerce Social MediaDigital Assets Analytics 10. @davidsamoranskiMARKET LEADERS 11. @davidsamoranskiGartner Magic QuadrantCommercial Open-sourceAnnual Trends 12. @davidsamoranskiForrester WaveCommercial Open-source18 Months Trends 13. @davidsamoranskiAdobe Experience ManagerDay CQ OmnitureDigital Experience Ease of Use 14. @davidsamoranskiOracle WebCenter SitesFatwire - Targeting Vitrue - SocialSiebel - CRM ATG - Commerce 15. @davidsamoranskiSDL TridionAlterion - Social GlobalizationComplex Interoperability 16. @davidsamoranskiSitecore CEPWeb Content Digital MarketingAnalytics Personalization 17. @davidsamoranskiSHAREPOINT 18. @davidsamoranskiSharePoint Versions2007 20102013 Office 365 19. @davidsamoranskiVersion ComparisonFeature 2013 2010 2007 Office 365WCM: Analytics YES YES (Usage) YES (Usage) NOWCM: Catalog YES NO NO NOWCM: Cross-site publishing YES NO NO NOWCM: Designer Tools YES YES YES YESWCM: Faceted navigation YES NO NO NOWCM: Image Renditions YES NO NO NOWCM: Mobile and Device RenderingYES(Channels)YES YES YESWCM: Multiple Domains YES YES YES NOWCM: OOTB Recommendations Webparts YES NO NO YESWCM: Search Engine Optimizations (SEO) YES NO NO YESWCM: Topic Pages YES NO NO NO 20. @davidsamoranskiSharePoint 2007Web Standards Media SupportExpensive Licensing User Experience 21. @davidsamoranskiSharePoint 2010Rich Authoring Better MarkupCross-Browser Better Analytics 22. @davidsamoranskiSharePoint 2013Term Navigation Cross Site PublishingContent Search Device Channels 23. @davidsamoranskiSharePoint 2013 continuedImage Renditions Product CatalogPage Templates Display Templates 24. @davidsamoranskiSharePoint Online (Office 365)No Cross-Site No RenditionsNo Catalog All Plans 25. @davidsamoranskiSCENARIOS 26. @davidsamoranskiHeavily Invested in SharePointLicensing End UsersIT Pros Branding 27. @davidsamoranskiConsolidating Legacy SystemsLarge Organization Many LocationsNeed Single Platform Streamline Processes 28. @davidsamoranskiLeverage Other Work StreamsPM SocialEnterprise Search External Data 29. @davidsamoranskiMicrosoft Shop with Static Content.NET Comfort Office FamiliarityInformational Site Good Enough is OK 30. @davidsamoranskiQUESTIONS?David Samoranski | @davidsamoranski | (707) [email protected] 31. @davidsamoranskiTHANK YOU!