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  • 1. StarterWrite Eberts thought bubble describingwhat he may have been thinking in 1918

2. A big, huge thank you ! 3. Learning outcome By the end of the lesson we will have. Reviewed our understanding of the Weimar Republic in the first phase 1919-23 4. Archive footage 5. How well did the Weimar Republic do from 1919-1923? Setting up a democratic government Dealing with extremists Coping with the TOV Sorting out the cash! 6. Setting up a democratic government Thursday is polling day for local councils in the UK. Whatvoting systemdo we use..? 7. Setting up a democratic government F.P.T.P. Labour ConservativeLiberal Others 8. Setting up a democratic government P.R. Labour Conservative Liberal Others 9. Setting up a democratic government

  • All men and women over 20 can vote
  • Day-to-day government will be the job of the Chancellor
  • The Head of State is the President
  • He is elected but supposed to stay out of day-to-day government except in a crisis
  • Article 48 says that in an emergency he could run the country for a short time
  • The establishment did not think democracy was right for Germany
  • They longed for a return to rule under the Kaiser

10. Read p 82-85 from your hand out sheet 11. You need to complete the rest of your A3 sheet on how well the Weimar Republic did 1919-23 12. StarterKey words : Write a definition for them Reichstag Proportional Representation F.P.T.P. Stresemann Extremist groups Democratic government Industrial Production 13. Learning outcome By the end of the lesson we will have Evaluated the Weimar Republic 1924-29 14. How are we going to learn today? 15. Groups 1 2 3 4 5 6 16. Task 1 Open up the folder entitledWeimar Browse through the jpeg images of the textbook p 145 - 147 17. Task 2 Open up the PowerPoint entitledWeimar R grid Work through each section following the hyperlinks and then move to task 3. You may wish to make written notes for your file ! 18. Task 3 Complete a P.M.I. in regard to evaluating the Weimar Republic 1924-29. Plus positives of this time Minus negative factors Interesting what else would you like to know Use some coloured sugar paper. I M P 19. Task 4 It is 1929. I want your group to produce a report on Weimar Germany for the benefit of the League of Nations. How successful are Germany? What weaknesses are there? What things may hamper any future progress? What should be the countrys goals in the next few years? 20. Task 4 You have the choice of what you can do next. 1. Podcast 2.Moviemaker 3.Who wants to be a Millionaire? 4.Rubbish PowerPoint 5.Publisher document LON report / SWOT 6.Weimar Monopoly 21. Podcast For the PODCAST you must use my computer and desk area at the front. You need to load the Podium programme. Music can be located on the Staff common drive / although ask me first for any help. You can use the microphone to record your content. You must script your content first, before recording it. If its any good well post the Podcast onto the net. 22. Who wants to be a Millionaire? You must use my lap top for the Who wants to be a Millionaire choice. You must produce, using the template, a version of the game show. You must write 15 questions regarding Germany 1924-29. They must get progressively harder as you go up the money ladder. You can either use the Voting Pads template , or my PowerPoint one. 23. Weimar Monopoly You can produce this electronically, or draw it using the sugar paper and colours.I have a normal Monopoly template that I want you to base it one. You can choose to have the squares as people, places, events (i.e. Reichstag = Mayfair, Stations = Spartacist, Kapp, Beer-Hall Putsch. You can produce community chest cards, chance cards etc. 24. Publisher documentFor the more academic amongst youuse Publisher to produce an official looking League of Nations report based on the SWOT analysis formula. You may wish to import any pictures etc. Try to make it at least 2 pages in length and 500 words minimum. 25. Rubbish PowerPoint I didnt have much time last nightfor obvious reasons !!! And I was going to do a PowerPoint detailing the Weimar Republic and its achievements in the period 1924-29. I want you to update the PowerPoint and make it look- better - more professional - interesting - visually stimulating However, you can only use the slides that are there you cant add any more, although you have a free reign with images, fonts, text etc

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