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In this article I have given most common options available for online income. I have provided introductory information on each option. This article is useful for those who are searching genuine and proven online income options


  • 1. Proven & Genuine Options to start Earning Income Online

2. www.whatsinfo.com There are various options available to earn income online. In recent years importance of internet has increased tremendously as every other business is using internet to promote their services or sell products online. With the increasing internet users and rapid growth in technology there are lots of new types of jobs are emerging, like, Content Writing, SEO, Affiliate Seller, Online Marketing, etc. Current e-business trend is creating lot of opportunities to earn online. 3. www.whatsinfo.com Be careful before trusting any website which offers online income as there are lots of fraud websites offers tempting opportunities to earn online. Do not pay attention to advertisements like, get paid $1000 a day. In my future posts I will explain how to detect scams. In this article I am providing information on some genuine and well-known options which are 100% free to start. In my upcoming posts I will give more details on each options. 4. www.whatsinfo.com To make money online it is not compulsory that you should know programming languages or IT skills but if you know at least basics then it will be advantageous for you. In this article you will get information on follwoing - A) Advertise space selling B) Freelancing C) Affiliate Product Selling D) Online Tutoring / Teaching Online / E-Teaching E) Virtual assistant F) Paid to Click (PTC) G) Video Blog / video log H) Web Content Writing 5. A) Advertise Space Selling It is similar to how news paper or magazines sell ad space. To sell ad space you will need to create a salable space first. What I mean to say is, you should have blog or website where you get decent number of visitors. Total number of your site or blog visitors is like TRP of TV channels, those numbers are important to decide the price of the space which you want to sell. You can directly contact to different companies and offer them ad space or you can use third-party services which offers platform to connect ad space sellers and buyers. Most popular and trusted name is Adsense by google. www.whatsinfo.com 6. B) Freelancing I think freelancing is oldest and most popular way of earning online. You can offer any kind of freelancing services. Some of the popular freelancing services are, Writing, Web Designing, Programming, SEO & Online Marketing, etc. Besides these, you can offer end number of online freelancing services. There are some sites, who help you to get client as per your skills, freelancer.com is one of the trusted and well-known name. Register on that site, add your skills, build a profile and start finding projects as per your skills. www.whatsinfo.com 7. C) Affiliate Product Selling Selling product online is more profitable for seller and buyers as it saves cost for both. No wonder that there are more and more shops coming online. You can be affiliated seller for these shops. Some of the good names in this category are, eBay, Amazon, Flipkart, etc. All these sites provides good commission on purchases from clients referred by you. www.whatsinfo.com 8. D) Online Tutoring / Teaching Online / E-Teaching Because of busy schedule and new life style now a days many people find learning online is best choice. With convenience, E-Learning is more affordable than traditional ways. If you are specialized in some subject then you can offer your services online. You can start with promoting your services on social networking sites like facebook.com, linkedin.com to get connected with potential audience. At the beginning online learning platform is advisable. Register with sites which provides platform for students and teachers to get connected, for example tutor.com. www.whatsinfo.com 9. E) Virtual assistant Appointing full or part-time skilled employee is very expensive for small business owners. Virtual assistant may be the solution for them. With the advancements in technology virtual assistant can perform lots of tasks like, Bookkeeping, Data presentations, Database entries, Online research and Managing email, etc. Create impressive resume and upload it on job portal websites, use of sites like linkedin.com will be beneficial. In future post I will explain how to create an impressive resume, what skills are required for Virtual Assistant and how to find an employer. www.whatsinfo.com 10. F) Paid to Click (PTC) This is another online business model where PTC websites act like a middle person between consumers and advertisers. In these sites advertiser pays some amount to PTC website to display their ads and viewer get paid after viewing the ad. Some sites asks to make payment to upgrade packages, be careful as there were some scams disclosed about these types of services. www.whatsinfo.com 11. G) Video Blog / video log In short it referred as vlog, it is very effective way to reach your audience, you can create a videos on any subject and upload it on sites like youtube.com. Most experts think that in the future vlogging (Video Blogging) will be most successful business to earn online. It is like your own TV show if you have good presentation skills then you can get success with vlogging. After getting good number of subscribers you can start showing advertisements in between your videos. www.whatsinfo.com 12. H) Web Content Writing Web Content Writer is a person who writes a relevant content for websites. There are a lot of different types of websites and they need a good quality content for their audience, e.g. Sites which deals in electronics would require content on electronic products like mobiles, laptops, Television Sets, etc. Good quality content is always useful for site owners to generate higher revenue. If you like writing and research then this option will be good for you. www.whatsinfo.com 13. These are some of the genuine and proven online income options available out there. On my blog I will provide detailed information on each option. Additionally I will give lots of SEO tips too. Dont miss important information on how to earn online. Visit and subscribe - www. whatsinfo.com


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