What is the fastest car in the world

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  1. 1. What is the fastestcarin the world- List of fastestcars In fact, everyone has dream of something every-time on their life. Some dream might be money or popularity or need to lead happy life without any problem. However as we all know thrills and adventure is second name of fun and trouble. Thus, there are many people who reverie of quavering things, these are hastening cars and its power thrills anybody that is why they said to be fastest fabulous cars. Here you can know what is the fastest car in the world. The following are the worlds fastest cars that are Pagani Huyara One of the fastest car in the world is Pagani Huyara. This can has break the previous record of 1 : 15 :1 erect by Ariel atom-v8. The main thing about this car is it is mid-engine sports-car manufactured by Pagani. It has ability to go 0-60 i#within3.0 seconds. It has 7-speed auto-manual transmission gears. The price rate of this car starts from $1,273,500. Zenvo ST 1 The no 8 is occupied by Zenvo ST 1 which it gives high-performance courtesy of fantastic and turbocharged 6.8 litre V8-engine. It has ability to reach 233 miles within a hr. It is manufactured using carbon fibre to minimize the weight also to improve the speed of car. However, only limited edition of Zenvo were manufactured, just 15. MCLAREN F1 It is consider as one among the fastest car in the market. Though, this car is old model compare to other car models, but it always holds the position in the list of top 10 cars in the world. It has the high- speed of 240 miles in an hr and its V12-627 horsepower let the car to move 60 in 3.2 seconds. The above given are top fastest cars in the world where you can have a thrill and fun.