What's all the Tweeting About?

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Lunch and Learn on Twitter basics 8.23.2012


  • 1. Whats all the Tweeting about?

2. What is Twitter?Twitter is an information network made up of 140-character messages called Tweets 3. London 2012150 Million Tweets 4. Inspire 5. Inform 6. Educate 7. Entertain 8. Using Twitter on Mobile/iPad 9. Using Twitter on the Web Profile Page 10. Home Page 11. Follow Your Interests # Discover Search by stories, activity, Twittersuggestions, email contact list,categories On your favorite websites Find Catholics at TweetCatholic.comand #cathmedia 12. Recognize Bots and SpammersNever follow someone who is anegg head unless you know them.Never follow someone who has 0 followers and / or has tweeted 0 timesNever follow someone who replied to one of your tweets with a link: 13. Listen and Learn the Language RT-re-tweet #hashtag D bishopburbige @bishopburbidge #FF Follow Friday 14. Share from Websites 15. Your Tweets Tweet links of interest to you Be relevant to your followers RT other peoples Tweets @reply speaking directly to someone .@reply someone but followers can see Tweet images and video 16. Tweet NOT 17. Twitter Etiquette Tweet as if at a cocktail party Respond to others, be social Give credit where credit is due Dont be Debbie Downer Use proper English and punctuation Dont use Auto DM or auto follow tools Use common sense Tweet about things other than yourself Stick to 140 or fewer characters Limit exclamation points!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 18. Third Party Applications HootSuite www.hootsuite.com Tweet Deck www.tweetdeck.com Seesmic https://seesmic.com/ Tweet Chat http://tweetchat.com/