Why should the WSO2 App Factory be your choice for Enterprise App Development

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  • 1.App Factory Managing your Enterprise App Development from Start to Finish Dimuthu Leelarathne Software Architect

2. About WSO2 Providing the only complete open source componentized cloud platform Dedicated to removing all the stumbling blocks to enterprise agility Enabling you to focus on business logic and business valueRecognized by leading analyst firms as visionaries and leaders Gartner cites WSO2 as visionaries in all 3 categories of application infrastructure Forrester places WSO2 in top 2 for API ManagementGlobal corporation with offices in USA, UK & Sri Lanka 200+ employees and growingBusiness model of selling comprehensive support & maintenance for our products 3. 150+ globally positioned support customers 4. Agenda What is WSO2 App Factory Business benefits Extensibility Governance Summary4 5. What is WSO2 App Factory?5 6. WSO2 App Factory Platform for managed application development in the cloud Support application from cradle to grave Manage infrastructure Provide automated configurable devops and governance Hosted as a cloud service On premise version 100% Open source Apache2 licence 6 7. WSO2 App Factory unifies Open Source DevOps, Agile, and Cloud Project and Team Management Continuous DeploymentSoftware development workflowGovernance and ComplianceTest AutomationContinuous IntegrationDevelopment DashboardsContinuous BuildDevelop CodeSource ControlIssue Tracking7 8. WSO2 App Factory unifies Open Source DevOps, Agile, and Cloud Project and Team Management Continuous DeploymentSoftware development workflowApp FactoryGovernance and ComplianceTest AutomationApp FactoryContinuous IntegrationDevelopment DashboardsApp FactoryContinuous BuildDevelop CodeSource ControlIssue Tracking8 9. Development to cloud ??? On premise version Enterprise App Factory Deploy App Factory in house App Factory on public cloud http://cloudpreview.wso2.com9 10. On Premise Cloud Advantages Scale Accessibility Monitor Streamlined processes Flexible Agility10 11. Business Benefits of WSO2 App Factory11/13/201311 12. Business Benefits Reduce development time and cost Increase innovation around PaaS Enable increased collaboration12 13. Reduce Development Time & Cost13 14. How developers spend their time?http://readwrite.com/2013/04/25/how-software-developers-really-spend-their-time#awesm=~on2OzlC2gKrcIV 14 15. Reduce Development Time & Cost Self service project creation and provisioning Reusability through discovery Dependency management Components/APIs Streamlined app development process Cloud based development tooling Automated Application Lifecycle Management15 16. Project provisioningDevTestProd16 17. Automation to speedup App DeliveryExisting IT infrastructureDifficult to improve IT processes and app delivery without automation and governance structure promoting architecture best practice, encouraging collaboration, reducing process friction, and monitoring compliance 18. WSO2 App Factory Modernizes your IT Infrastructure Partner and Mobile applicationsAPI Management Lightweight High Performance IntegrationExisting IT infrastructure Scalable Private Cloud infrastructureCIO/Management Dashboard Stratos Multi-tenant elastic integration and ESB runtime WSO2 AppFactoryWorkow managed build and deployGovernance and Identity 19. Discovery and Dependency Management App Store Test CloudProduction CloudCartridgesCartridgesCartridgesStratos PlatformStratos PlatformStratos PlatformApp Command: Developer & Management PortalSource Code ManagementContinuous Build CloudIssue TrackerContent PaaSForumsManaged APIs & Data SourcesLifecycle ManagementDevelopment CloudDeveloper Studio 19 20. Automated lifecycle Management20 21. Streamlined development processDevTestProd21 22. Cloud based development tooling - Codenvy22 23. Increased Innovation around your PaaS23 24. Increase Innovation around PaaS Cloud ecosystem Other integrators, partners, software, third parties and anything in their environments that has a bearing the cloud PaaS Ecosystem Developer tooling Devops tooling Governance tooling Life cycle management Developer community Consumers Infrastructure services24 25. Increased Innovation Where to maintain my code? Where to build it ? How to test it ? A place to track bugs ? Finally submit to App Store/API Store ?25 26. App Factory & Cloud EcosystemMiddlewarePaaSWSO2 App FactorySource Code Management SDLC ToolsPaaS FrameworkGithub CollabNet Atlassian 26 27. App Factory & Cloud Creates a holistic PaaS ecosystem Instantly provision infrastructure Shared infrastructure Enforces regulatory compliance Reduce application proliferation Consolidate 100s and 1000s of assets based on business domain Increase application re-use27 28. WSO2 App Factory Platform builds a digital business ecosystem Your Core Business Capability Your Digital Business Ecosystem3rd Party PartnersApp Factory PlatformPersonalized SaaS SolutionApp Store11/13/2013DevOps Forge and GovernanceCloud Deployment28 29. Increased Collaboration, Communication & Monitoring11/13/201329 30. Dashboards30 31. Social Matt. I committed the code. Heading home now. Revision 1257. Sorry for blocking you.This works now I have tested. Everybody else lets proceed11/13/201331 32. Increased Communication, Collaboration Better developer communication divide an conquer Better QA communication Why demoted? CIO and Executive IT management Development dashboards deliver at a glance view of application status, lifecycle, activity, and health, trend Change Business-IT conversations and dynamics32 33. Governance33 34. Governance everywhere! Cloud means freedom to everyone How to govern innovation? Regulatory compliance34 35. Extensible Architecture of App FactoryUI - Jaggery Workflow BPEL Service Layer Plugins 35 36. BPEL and Extensibility BPEL Business Process Execution language All actions go through an empty BPEL Add human tasks, new actions to BPEL Regulatory compliance checks Approval processes New service calls The work flow approach allows to Develop any application Deploy to any server Selective customization and governing of any action Do anything! 36 37. Facilitate regulatory compliance Facilitate regulatory compliance Extension point to enforce an approval process Eg : App creation Developer submits application, and can track approval process Review gates and approval checklist items Automated build, test execution and versioningDo action11/13/201337 38. Configurable Governance Governs any kind of server/system configuration Manages the full promotion lifecycle spanning across development, testing, staging and production environmentsTestDev Deeply integrates with all WSO2 Carbon middleware products 39. Extensibility11/13/201339 40. ExtensibilityAPP FACTORY SERVICE LAYER OPERATION HANDLING BPELsGITBLITJENKINSISSUE TRACKER40 41. Summery EfficiencyALMCommunicationGovernanceCollaboration Automated DevOpsCost Saving InnovationMonitoring 41 42. Thank you42