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  • 1. The Fruits of a win- win
  • 2. From a win-win attitude flows Christian virtues like: Courage Openness to correction Honesty Fairness Love Patience and tolerance for people Consideration for others
  • 3. Emphathy and compassion for others Tactfulness and diplomacy Responsiveness and generosity Trust in others Respect for feelings and human dignity Will power and determination
  • 4. Stephen Covey emphasized that the exercise of these virtues must be well balance. For example: It is good to be courageous in taking risks but this should be balanced with consideration.
  • 7. 2 Barriers in developing a win-win program with an Im ok, you are ok script. 1.Mind Binders - Negative thoughts an distorted paradigms. From sad and traumatic experiences. When he is deceived and hurt ba a loved one, he tends to think that many others are the same.
  • 8. Im Not Ok Im Ok
  • 9. 2. Emotional Bondages -Which consists of negative emotions like self pity, depression, feelings of inferiority or superiority, anger and hatred towards other people, unforgiving attitude and resentment. Such feelings are conditioned by thoughts and perceptions.
  • 10. Youre not OK Youre OK
  • 11. Projecting others YOU ARE OK -Making others feel good about themselves Building the Goodwill of others starts with making them feel good about themselves, projecting to them, the message.You are ok. You are important. And when we make them feel ok, they are inclined to make them feel ok, they are inclined to make us also feel ok and to respond to us positively.
  • 12. Positive stroke - This is manifested through actions which boost the ego of another person, making him feel valued and important. This can be expressed through: Non-verbal language Verbal expressions estures
  • 13. What positive strokes do you use?
  • 14. Non-verbal strokes -Smile, eye contact, nod, signs of approval, OK sign using finger, clap or applause Pat at the back used by some Filipino managers, moving forward in an attempt to listen, shaking hands, undivided attention, immediate attention Written - Written commendation, thank you notes, hello notes, greetings in a card, love notes, love letters, congratulatory notes and others.
  • 15. Verbal strokes Words of praise (Thats a fantastic idea, You did a very good job today. Word of gratitude (Thank you for your patronage , Thank you for bearing with us, Thank you for coming to our hotel
  • 16. Words of appreciation (I really appreciate the efforts you have taken to help our company. , Ill appreciate it very much if you can settle your account soonest. Words of affirmation (You can make it. , You are indeed a man of fine taste
  • 17. Words of acknowledgement Words of agreement Words of empathy-feeling for a person as if we are in his place Words of admiration Words of sympathy Expressions of love and concern Use of Magic words
  • 18. Gestures and Actions -Immediate attention, Consistent/ undivided attention, leaving the work behind to concentrate ones attention to somebody, extending a helping hand, taking time to listen and to empathized, any act of charity, checking customer satisfaction by soliciting feedback Is everything alright?.
  • 19. Positive Bombardment Exercise
  • 20. The magic of Affirmations
  • 21. My people are lazy and irresponsible (based perception) I resent, dislike them (emotions) They deserve an iron hand (attitudes) Subordinates get demoralized loss their sense of worth and live up to the impression of being lazy and irresponsible they slow down their output (effect on subordinates) Boss loss respect from them brutally insults them, use negative statements, treats them with an iron hand. Affirmation Feelings & Attitude Behavior Response/Effect
  • 22. Many people turned out to be poor performers because they receive messages through affirmations that they are really poor achievers. Affirming people of their innate capabilities is one step towards helping them to succeed affirmations build confidence and confidence builds guts and determination to suceed.