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<ol><li> 1. Whatisthe benefitof becominga Workcube partner? </li><li> 2. WhatisWorkcube? Workcube is Turkeys most advanced, %100 web based end-to-end enterprise software system and e-business platform. Employees, clients and suppliers operate, communicate and develop cooperation on a single and real-time e-business platform. Via Intranet / Extranet / Internet portal, Workcube presents its users all the functions they need in human resources, production, finances and customer relations management. Workcube: ERP + CRM + SCM + Human Resources Management + Physical Asset Management + Content Management System + Cooperation and Project Management + Communication Management + Digital Asset Management + Training Management System + B2B + B2C Companies which realize the incompetence of ERP, started to shift towards web based business software. Workcube is more than an ERP solution. Workcube is something else. It is a new generation information technology which contributes to your business and to your clients business. Workcube is now looking for new partners to share its experience, knowledge and high technology as well as expanding its market share in new territories. </li><li> 3. Workcube provides solutions to enterprise management problems of any company that buy, sell, store, produce or provide services. Among Workcubes success stories, there are many companies from different industries including retail, metal, technology and broadcasting. Workcube Editions are developed according to various needs of enterprises with different business potentials and they include more than 4,500 business functions and business objects that are included in Workcube Enterprise Business Portal Solution. Enterprise Edition: Complete Package for Medium and Large Enterprises Plus Edition: Economic Package for Medium and Large Enterprises Pro Edition: Generic Package for Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprises Standard Edition: Beginner Package for Small and Medium Enterprises What is Workcubes target market? Workcube business partnership is a joint program comprising of explicit, transparent and distinct policies. Workcube helps partners profit in several ways. Sell-and-Win / Silver Partner You can earn a portion of Workcubes profit by helping us introduce and sell Workcube to new clients. You can also sell many additional products such as network, servers etc., which are needed alongside Workcube. Implement-and-Win / Gold Partner In addition to licensing fees, you can make profit by providing consultancy, training and project management services during installation, assembly and customization processes of Workcube projects. Develop-and-Win / Platinum Partner You can earn a licensing fee and market your product along Workcube by establishing integration of your software to Workcube or developing codes on Workcube. Support-and-Win/TechnologyPartner You can increase your income by helping us with user support, maintenance and upgrading processes of Workcube projects. How do you profit from Workcube? Any enterprise wishing to extend its market can become a partner by providing Workcube assistance in sales, consultancy and developing services of Workcube enterprise solutions. Consulting Companies Consulting companies providing ERP, IT and Management consultancy services to small, medium and large enterprises. IT Companies Companies selling software and hardware products and services. System Integrators System integrators running medium and large sized projects for public and private sector. Software Companies Software development companies providing vertical or functional solutions. Individual Developers and Consultants Individual developers and experts providing independent ERP, technology or process consultancy can become a Workcube Freelance business partner. Who can become a Workcube partner? Workcube has several policies and agreements in business partnership deals. After a pre-assessment, Workcube provides its potential partners with different options such as partnership deals, cooperation or profit models. Cooperation Meeting: This aims to assess and bring out potential cooperation and profit opportunities. Partnership Agreement: Upon mutual agreement, a partnership agreement is presented. Business Plan: Upon confirmation of the partnership aggreement, Workcube expects its partners to provide them with a 6-month business plan regarding their operations associated with Workcube. Training: Workcube provides its partners with sales, consultancy, e-business and other certificated trainings. Sales and Project Management Support: Workcube provides full support to first-time sellers. Full support means training and consultancy in joint projects sales deals. Workcube business partners are a part of our team and we will do whatever we can to improve their expertise in project consultancy, sales and development. How to become a Workcube partner? </li><li> 4. ERP CRM HR LMS B2CSCM Project Mngmnt. B2BCMS Become a Workcube partner and start profiting! For detailed information, please contact Workcube is a generic management software and utility model which comprise more than 4500 business functions. Workcubes business objects are installed and operated smoothly, customized according to the needs of each enterprise. Employees, partners and clients run Workcube through a standard browser, without needing hundreds of hours of software training. Enterprise management is Workcube Calendar/Analysis and Reporting/Agreement/Budget Planning/Call Center/Digital Assets/ Physical Assets/Executive Suite/Training Management/Invoice/Finance Management/Forum/ Content Management/Human Resources/Project Management/Competition Management/ Purchasing Management/Sales Management/Maintenance and Customer Services/ Delivery and Logistics/System Security/Fix and Maintenance/Stock Management/Production Management/Production Planning/Product Management/Member Management/Web Based Video Conference and IM System/Webmail/Web News/Correspondence and many more Some of the business functions grouped in Workcube are as follows: workcube entire solution for e-business, phone: +90 216 428 39 39 (pbx) </li></ol>