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Millennials & Driving A Survey Commissioned by Zipcar November 2010

Zipcar Millennials Survey

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Almost half of all 18 to 34-year-old drivers are driving less, and nearly two-thirds would drive less if alternative transportation options were available, according to an independent study commissioned by Zipcar, Inc., the world's largest car sharing service. The study of licensed drivers conducted in October by KRC Research revealed that 45 percent of Millennials (ages 18 to 34) said they had consciously made an effort to reduce how much they drive, and 64 percent would drive less if alternative options including public transportation, car sharing or convenient carpooling (ridesharing) were available in their area.

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Millennials & DrivingA Survey Commissioned by ZipcarNovember 2010

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Millennials Hit Hard by Recession

“Generation Y's steep financial hurdles: Huge debt, no savings”

• About 37% of 18- to 29-year-olds have been underemployed or out of work during the recession, the highest share among the age group in more than three decades.

• Only 58% of millennials pay monthly bills on time

• 60% of workers 20 to 29 years old cashed out their 401(k) retirement plans

• Nearly 70% of Gen Y members are not building up a cash cushion, and 43% are amassing too much credit card debt

• Millennials are graduating from college with an average of $23,200 in student debt

• This generation is the least likely of any to be covered by health insurance. Just 61% say they were covered by some form of a health plan,

USA TODAY article: http://www.usatoday.com/money/economy/2010-04-23-1Ageny23_CV_N.htm

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Millennials Driving Decline of the Car Culture

•The share of automobile miles driven by people aged 21 to 30 in the U.S. fell to 13.7% in 2009 from 18.3% in 2001 and 20.8% in 1995

•The proportion of people aged 21-30 actually increased from 13.3% to 13.9%,

•So 20-somethings went from driving a disproportionate amount of the nation's highway miles in 1995 to under-indexing for driving in 2009.


“Is Digital Revolution Driving Decline in U.S. Car Culture?”


Department of TransportationFederal Highway Administration's National Household Travel Survey Census data Article: http://adage.com/digital/article?article_id=144155

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Driving Deeper: The Millennials Survey

• Online survey of 1,025 adults

• Ages 18 and over, including 966 licensed drivers

• Conducted between October 7 and 11, 2010

• Break out by age segments

– 18-34 years old: 287 drivers – Millennials– 35-44 years old: 218 drivers

– 45-54 years old: 178 drivers

– 55 years old or more: 283 drivers

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Key Findings

• Millennials are consciously deciding to drive less

• A majority of millennials would reduce the amount of time they currently drive if alternative transportation options were available to them today

• The high cost of car ownership is making it difficult for millennials to own a car

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Millennials are Choosing to Drive Less





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In the past year, I have consciously made an effort to reduce how much I drive, and instead take public transportation, bike/walk or carpool when possible

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If there were more options in my area, such as public transportation, car sharing or convenient carpooling, I would drive less than I do now.





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Millennials Want Transportation Alternatives

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If there were more options in my area, such as public transportation, car sharing or convenient carpooling, I would drive less than I do now.

Millennials Want Transportation Alternatives



Among post-college Millennials fully 67% would drive less if there were viable transportation alternatives.

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In today’s economy, it can be difficult to own a car because of the high cost of gas, parking and maintenance.





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Cost Of Car Ownership A Key Barrier

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With access to social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, text messaging and online gaming, I sometimes choose to spend time with friends online instead of driving to see them.




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A New Way of Socializing

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I want to protect the environment, so I drive less.





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Thinking Green, Driving Less