10 Things to Do (and Not Do) in Greece

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  1. 1. 10 Things to Do (and NOT Do) in Greece Holidaying in Greece? From packing suggestions to body language hints to attitude adjustments, these tips will make it a big fat Greek odyssey to remember! The Luxury Villa Travel Guide YOUR GUIDE TO LUXURIOUS ESCAPES MIAMI VACATION RENTALS SAN DIEGO VACATION RENTALS MAY 24, 2015 SERENA
  2. 2. 5 Definite Dos 1 Do pack light Youll be getting on and off planes and ferries. So dont tire yourself dragging a heavy suitcase. Besides prescription meds and other travel basics, a Greek getaway requires the bare minimum comfortable walking shoes, light summer clothing, one or two bathing suits. Bring a light sweater or jacket should the evenings turn chilly. 2 Do bring enough cash In Greece, cash is king. Yes, hotels and many big stores and restaurants may accept credit cards. But most cafes, tavernas, taxis, kiosks, groceries, street vendors, flea markets (especially in remote islands) deal only in cash. And the only currency accepted is the Euro. 3 Do take your time From ridiculously breathtaking beaches to towns that look like postcards come to life, Greece lives up to the hype. So dont try to see as many islands or locations as you can on a single trip. Instead, relax and enjoy every region to the max. This will also give you many more reasons to return. 4 Do do as the Greeks do Live the full Greek experience share a long lunch and sip endless afternoon ouzo with the locals. Lunch may start at 3 PM, you may eat from communal plates, or get funny looks if you ask for butter with your bread but go with the flow. Even better, accept dinner or wedding invitations if offered and enjoy some of the best food and hospitality ever. 5 Do learn to speak and gesture in Greek Learn a few well-chosen phrases to help break the ice, or get you the help or directions you need. Even more critical, use the right body language. Say no by nodding your head and goodbye with your palm facing you gestures that mean yes and come here for
  3. 3. English speakers. And remember gesturing towards someones face with an open palm is offensive. 5 Dont Even Think About It-s 6 Dont expect perfection Okay. The toilet system may not be advanced. Washcloths and sink stoppers may be missing from hotel rooms. Buses, train, and ferries may arrive late or too early. Transit workers may strike at random. But hey. Youre in the cradle of civilization, a beautiful place where people are warm and laid back. So chill out. Laugh about it. And enjoy your vacation. 7 Dont visit churches under-dressed Bare arms, legs, or other body parts are perfectly okay at the beaches. But in a country where religion plays a central role, be sure to visit churches, chapels, and monasteries in conservative getup. No shorts or tank tops. Instead, its long skirts and covered shoulders for women, long pants for men. 8 Dont eat fast food Please. Chuck the pizza, burgers, and French fries. Now that you can finally savor authentic Greek cuisine (not the diner version), go on a healthy and tasty Mediterranean diet. That would be olives and cheeses. Fruits and fresh seafood. Mousakka. Greek salad. Dips in every flavor. Sweets and cakes to die for. Yup, Greek cuisine is definitely more than gyros and souvlaki! 9 Dont drive Unless youre a dedicated stick-shift driver or dont mind the daily traffic snarls, best to use public transport in Greece: buses and trains in the mainland, scenic ferry rides to and between islands. Ferries are cheap and aplenty, but also popular. So make sure to reserve your seats in advance. 10 Dont just visit Athens, Santorini, or Mykonos Athens breathes history and culture. And the islands are incomparably beautiful. But if
  4. 4. you have the time and budget, think out of the box and check out Greeces hidden gems. If Folegandros, Skiathos, Aegina, Glyfada (Athens Riviera), Paxi, and Meteora (known for its other-worldly monasteries) are not yet on your itinerary, they should be! See our Villas in Greece. This entry was posted in Greece and tagged greece, greek vacation rentals. Bookmark the permalink. You may also like: Food Capitals of the World - Part 2 - Revealed: 10 Awesome (and Hardly Known) Facts about Miami Beach Anguilla Vacation Rentals: Rhapsody in Blue for the Whole Family Food Capitals of the World - When in Rome Eat as the Romans Do 5 Awesome Holiday Vacation Spots You Probably Never Thought Of - Top 7 Cool Things about San Diego Youll ABSOLUTELY Love Why Kefalonia Is Every Familys Greek Island Dream
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  8. 8. 10 Things to Do (and NOT Do) in Greece Holidaying in Greece? From packing suggestions to body language hints to attitude adjustments, these tips will make it a big fat Greek odyssey to remember! MAY 24, 2015 SERENA
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