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<ul><li><p>Welcome To Africa Tours</p><p>Africa Tours is a boutique company </p><p>specializing in leisure travel to </p><p>Zanzibar Island and Eastern Africa. </p><p>Our aim is simple: To share our </p><p>passion, in-depth knowledge, travel </p><p>experience in Africa and to help fulfill </p><p>travelers lifelong dream of </p><p>journeying to the continent that we </p><p>call home.</p></li><li><p>Mafia Island Package</p><p>Witness the tropical Indian Ocean paradise of smallest</p><p>archipelago Mafia Island with custom made Mafia island package</p><p>of Africa Tours. Explore the unique combination of amazing</p><p>weather condition, spectacular beaches and fishing expedition</p><p>along with cultural experiences in order to add wonderful</p><p>ingredients in your trip. For more details, contact us today at</p><p>+255 659 779 595.</p></li><li><p>Activities In Mafia Island</p><p>The warm, colourful waters of the Indian Ocean surrounding Mafia </p><p>Island provide an ideal location for many sea activities. Enjoy some of the </p><p>best diving and snorkeling there is off the East African coast exploring the </p><p>many coral reefs that are teaming with tropical marine life.</p><p>Amazing experienceValue for moneyWonderful packageKnowledgeable guidesLocal expertiseCultural experiencePerfect Accommodation.... and a lot more!</p></li><li><p>Africa Tours Mafia Island Packaging soothing!</p><p>The weather, beach and fish altogether will make </p><p>your trip memorable. Local food and people will add </p><p>wonderful experience in your trip.</p><p></p></li><li><p>Contact Us</p><p>Address: P. O. Box 1683 Shangani, </p><p>Zanzibar Tanzania.</p><p>Tel1: +255-768-855-996</p><p>Email:</p><p>Skype ID: africatourstanzania</p><p>Facebook: /africatoursz</p><p>Twitter: /tours_africa</p><p>Website:</p></li></ul>