Australia Immigration Services for Cafe or Restaurant Manager

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  1. 1. Australia Immigration Services for Cafe or Restaurant Manager Hospitality and food services is a huge industry. With growing tourism, Australia is in requirement of trained restaurant and Caf staff. Hence, it has come up with specialized Australia immigration services for Caf or Restaurant Manager. The immigration department of Australia looks for specialized skills and qualifications for the given post. We have discussed all the requisites for the post of Restaurant Manger or Caf Manager in detail in this article. Job requirement for the caf or restaurant manager An applicant aiming to work as restaurant or caf manager is expected to control and organize all the caf or restaurant operations and related establishments for providing catering and dining services. An applicant has to possess minimum bachelors degree that is equivalent to the AQF Associate Degree, advanced diploma or only diploma. Minimum three years of experience in the relevant field can be considered, as a substitute for the formal educational qualification, But in some cases along with experience and on-job training formal educational qualification can be necessary as per the ANZSCO level of skill 2. For more information on the job profile for the Australian immigration services for Caf or Restaurant Manager, you can refer to the website of Australian Bureau of Statistics. Eligibility for the different immigration program If you are applying for the restaurant or caf manager post there are various immigration programs through which you can apply. Australian immigration and citizenship department has come up with specialized immigration programs to sluice out the most eligible candidates for different posts in Australian. Here are some of the immigration eligibility programs: Temporary Business (Long Stay) SkillSelect (Points Based Skilled Migration visa) Employer Nomination Scheme (Subclass 186) Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme (Subclass 187) Standard Business Sponsorship (Subclass 457) Skill assessment requirements There are certain visa subclasses, which require you to submit your applications to the skill assessment officials first. Hence, it is important to check whether the post for which you are applying falls under the visa subclass or not. In case of Australia immigration services for caf or restaurant manager, the skill assessment authority that has been nominated for the evaluation of skills is Vocational Education and Training Assessment Services.
  2. 2. If you possess specialized skills that can add more value to your profile then, you should attach all the relevant papers and documents along with the application form and then submit it to the respected skill assessment authority. These skill assessment officials will recommend your profile to the immigration officials if they find your additional qualifications suitable for the post. The immigration officials give more importance to such recommendations and take into consideration while giving points to you during the immigration point distribution. If your additional qualification or experience is not in relevance with the post you are applying for, the skill assessment officials may not recommend your profile to the immigration officials. Then, it is upto the immigration department to consider these additional attributes or not.