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YOU CAN WATCH THIS PRESENTATION IN MUSIC HERE (You have a link on the first slide): Thank you! Barong is probably the most well known dance. It is also another story telling dance, narrating the fight between good and evil. This dance is the classic example of Balinese way of acting out mythology, resulting in myth and history being blended into one reality.

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2. Barong is probably the most well known dance. It isalso another story telling dance, narrating the fightbetween good and evil. This dance is the classicexample of Balinese way of acting out mythology,resulting in myth and history being blended into onereality.In Balinese mythology, the good spirit is identified asBanas Pati Raja. Banas Pati Raja is the fourth "brother"or spirit child that accompanies a child throughout theirlife, which is a similar concept to guardian angels.Banas Pati Raja is the spirit which animates Barong. Aprotector spirit, he is often represented as a lion. TheBarong is often portrayed accompanied by twomonkeys. Barong is portrayed as a lion with red head,covered in white thick fur, and wearing gilded jewelryadorned with pieces of mirrors. The shape of lionBarong is somewhat similar to a Pekingese dogDansul Barong este expresia luptei eterne dintrespiritele bune i cele rele, de fapt reprezentarea lupteidintre forele haosului i distrugerii (Rangda) i cele aleordinii (Barong). n mitologia balinez, spiritul bun esteidentificat ca Banas Pati Raja. Banas Pati Raja este alpatrulea frate" sau spiritul care nsoete un copil de-alungul vieii lui, un concept similar cu ngerul pzitor.Banas Pati Raja este spiritul care l anim pe Barong,i el un spirit protector, adesea reprezentat ca un leu. 3. The story goes that Rangda, themother of Erlangga, the King of Baliin the tenth century, was condemnedby Erlanggas father because shepracticed black magic. After shebecame a widow, she summoned allthe evil spirits in the jungle, the leaksand the demons, to come afterErlangga. A fight occurred, but sheand her black magic troops were toostrong that Erlangga had to ask forthe help of Barong. Barong camewith Erlanggas soldiers, and fightensued. Rangda casted a spell thatmade Erlangga soldiers all wanted tokill themselves, pointingtheirpoisoned keris into their ownstomachs and chests. Barong casteda spell that turned their body resistantto the sharp keris. At the end, Barongwon, and Rangda ran away.Legenda spune c Rangda, mama regelui din Bali n secolul al X-lea, Erlangga, a fost condamnat de soul su deoarece practica magianeagr. Dup ce a devenit vduv, ea a chemat toate spiritele rele din jungl i demonii, s vin dup Erlangga. A avut loc o lupt dar eai forele de magie neagr erau prea puternice iar Erlangga a trebuit s cear ajutorul lui Barong. Barong a venit cu soldaii lui Erlangga in lupta care a urmat Rangda a fcut o vraj care i-a fcut pe soldai s se omoare cu propriile pumnale otrvite. Barong a fcut i el ovraj prin care pumnalele ascuite nu mai puteau strpunge corpurile soldailor. Pn la sfrit Barong a ctigat, i Rangda a fugit. 4. Somebody can die or getseriously injured in a Barongdance. It is said that ifRangdas spell is too strong, aweak soldier may not be ableto resist it, even with the helpof Barong. He may end uphurting himself with his ownkeris.Cineva poate muri sau sepoate rni grav ntr-un dansBarong. Se spune c dacvraja Rangda este preaputernic, un soldat slab nupoate fi capabil s reziste, nicichiar cu ajutorul lui Barong. Elpoate ajunge s se rneasccu propriul pumnal (keris). 5. KrisBali 6. RB aa nr go dn ag 7. The masks of Barong andRangdaareconsideredsacred items, and before theyare brought out, a priest mustbe present to offer blessingsby sprinkling them with holywater taken from MountAgung, and offerrings must bepresented.Mtile de Barong i Rangdasuntconsiderate obiectesacre, i nainte de a fi scoaseafar, un preot trebuie s fieprezent pentru a lebinecuvnta prin stropirea cuap sfinit luat de la MunteleAgung, i trebuie aduseofrande. 8. Rangda 9. Barong is a lion-like creature and characterin the mythology of Bali, Indonesia. He isthe king of the spirits, leader of the hosts ofgood, and enemy of Rangda, the demonqueen and mother of all spirit guarders inthe mythological traditions of Bali. Thebattle between Barong and Rangda isfeatured in Barong dance to represent theeternal battle between good and evilBarong este o creatur mitologic balinezasemntoare unui leu. El este regelespiritelor, eful forelor binelui, i dumanullui Rangda, regina demon i mama tuturorduhurilor rele din tradiiile mitologice dinBali. Lupta dintre Barong i Rangda esteprezentat n dansul Barong pentru ailustra lupta etern dintre bine i ru 10. Barong 11. Cuvntul Gamelan definete orchestrele tradiionale din Indonezia. ngeneral cea mai mare parte a instrumentelor din componena lor suntinstrumentede percuie precumceleasemntoarexilofonului/marimbafonului sau vibrafonului. Uneori n componenaacestor orchestra se gsesc i cntrei 12. A gamelan is a musicalensemblefrom Indonesia,typically from the islands of Balior Java, featuring a variety ofinstruments such asmetallophones, drums andxylophones, gongs; bambooflutes, bowed and pluckedstrings. Vocalists may also beincluded. 13. The term gamelan refers more to the set ofinstruments than to the players of thoseinstruments. A gamelan is a set ofinstruments as a distinct entity, built andtuned to stay together instruments fromdifferent gamelan are generally notinterchangeable. 14. In Bali, the Gamelan instruments are all kept together in the balai banjar, a community meeting hall which has a large open space with a roof over top of it with several open sides. The instruments are all kept here together because they believe that all of the instruments belong to the community as a whole and no one person has ownership over an instrument. Not only is this where the instruments are stored, but this is also the practice space for the Gamelan orchestra. (sekaha). The open walls allow for the music to flow out into the community where the rest of the people can enjoy it.Rattan 5-Ball Rattles from Bali 15. The sekaha is led by asingle instructor whosejob it is in the communityto lead this group and tocome up with new songs. 16. When they are working ona new song, the instructorwill lead the group inpractice and help thegroup form the new pieceof music as they arepracticing.Whentheinstructor creates a newsong, he leaves enoughopen for interpretation thatthe group can improviseand as a group they will bewriting the music as theyare practicing it. 17. The Balinese Gamelangroups are constantlychanging their music bytaking older pieces theyknow and mixing themtogether as well as tryingnew variations on theirmusic. 18. Their music is alwaysconstantlychangingbecause they believe thatmusic should grow andchange; the onlyexception to this is withtheir most sacred songswhich they will notchange. A single newpiece of music can takeseveral months before itis completed. 19. Men and women usuallyperform in separate groups,with the exception of thepesindhen,thefemalesinger who performs withmale groups. 20. Gamelans role in rituals isso important that there is aJavanese saying that "Itsnot official until the gong ishung.In Bali, almost all religiousrituals include gamelanperformance. 21. The word "gamelan" comes fromthe Javanese word "gamel",meaning to strike or hammer,and the suffix "an", which makesthe root a collective noun. Realhammers are not used to playthese instruments as heavy ironhammers would break thedelicate instruments. 22. Text : InternetPictures: Internet & Nicoleta LeuCopyright: All the images belong to their authorsArangement: Sanda Ensemble instrumental Seka Balaganjur - Balaganjuran