Beautiful treks of ladakh

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The article is description of many beauty adventure treks of Ladakh. Here you will get information about Zanskar Trek, Nubra Valley Trek.


<p> Beautiful Treks of Ladakh</p> <p>If you are interested in exploring the interior places of India, then trekking is the best option. It is one of the best adventurous sports, especially for the trekking enthusiasts. On way you will get the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking view of the mountainous ranges of India.</p> <p>Though there are various places in India for trekking but Ladakh is the best place for the trekking lovers. Here the trekkers will get the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the translucent lakes, snow clad peaks, barren terrain etc. you should proceed to this place for trekking from July to September. In Ladakh, Frozen River Trek is one of the most popular treks for the trekking enthusiasts.</p> <p>For adventure lover, Zanskar in Ladakh is a great place. There you will experience an ultimate enjoyment by walking on Frozen River. This trek is traditionally famous by the name of Chadar Trek which means a frozen sheet. For the people living in Zanskar area, for them this is the only route for in and out as all the other ways are closed in the winter season but now it has become a great place for the adventure lovers due to winter trek.</p> <p>Leh is the capital of Ladakh and if you are interested in exploring the Leh town then Indus and Nubra valley trek is the best. It is known to be a moderate trek and it is little bit less frequent trekking route. If you will choose this trek then you will touch the several passes and many isolated villages, starting from the valley to Nubra which is the part of the old silk route. It is said that in this valley the Buddhist monasteries flourished.</p> <p>Nubra Valley is a beautiful romantic hill station which is located amidst greenery atmosphere and it is said to be a perfect destination for relaxing your holidays. Nubra Valley Trek offers you the opportunity to explore the beautiful valley. You can say this beautiful place is an ideal place for spending your holidays amidst the purest and divine greenery. The land of the Nubra valley is fertile and best suitable for the cultivation of fruits and grains. This place is popularly known as Orchard of Ladakh. Here the tourists get the opportunity to see the beautiful and graceful view of pink and yellow wild roses in the season of summer and in the post season of monsoon, a carpet of beautiful wild Lavender.</p>