Car Service to Westchester Airport

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1. Harrison Car Service 914-777-LIMO (5466) Westchester County 2. Testimonials: "My driver was very professional and courteous. He was on time, dressed properly, helped me in and out of the car, and spoke only when addressed. I had nothing but a wonderful experience." - Vicky P. "Harrison Car Service is terrific! My driver was on time and very professional. Couldn't have been better. I will definitely use Harrison again!" - Patricia W. 3. Testimonials: "Fantastic service. You Would not use anyone else." - Molly P. "We used Harrison Car Service to drive us to and from the airport. We have 2 young children and they were able to provide boosters for the ride. The drivers were nice and on time, actually early for our 7:30 am pickup. Our flight was an hour late coming in and our driver was calling me to make sure I knew where to find him easily. I would use them again in a heartbeat, and recommend them to anyone needing transportation." - M F. Viayelp 4. Money Smart Tips for Vehicle Rentals Shop around. It might sound obvious, however, vehicle rental business' rates can vary widely for the exact same automobile classification, depending on when and where you book. Check numerous various areas in the area where you require the vehicle and numerous car rental businesses. 5. Money Smart Tips for Vehicle Rentals Get the most affordable car service that satisfies your requirements. A car rental business will instantly update consumers to the next size class of car if it runs out of automobiles in the classification you book, so you could find yourself in a larger vehicle than you initially reserved at no extra charge. It's likewise reasonably usual to discover complimentary upgrade discount coupons online or by signing up with the car rental firm's newsletter or frequent client program. Utilizing these strategies will enable you to drive a larger, more expensive rental vehicle at a lower cost. 6. Money Smart Tips for Vehicle Rentals Do not be late. Pay attention to the time you agreed to return your rental vehicle on your agreement, and take care not to show up late. Business generally charge penalties for returning car rentals late. They're relying on your arrival to prep the car and rent it to the next individual. If you do end up running late, even just a little bit, call the rental firm and make certain they make a note on your account. While you'll still pay for the extra time you had the automobile, you will most likely have the ability to avoid any charges. 7. Car Service to Westchester Airport 8. A PREMIUM CAR AND LIMO SERVICE PROVIDING: A seamless personalized experience A quality and level of service that is unsurpassed in the industry Reservations via phone/email or online A profile for every client to simplify future reservations Email confirmations for every reservation Email invoices for every reservation SMS reminder with drivers name and cell number, prior to reservation Direct communication between passengers and drivers Express curbside pickup at airports Paperless exit- no credit card slips or vouchers to sign 9. BUSINESS OWNER DIRECTLY INVOLVED IN DAY TO DAY OPERATIONS: We're all about efficiency, ease of use, and saving time. 10. TRANSPORTATION FOR: Airports: LaGuardia JFK Newark Westchester 11. TRANSPORTATION FOR: Manhattan: Theatre Dining Shopping Sporting Events Hotels 12. TRANSPORTATION FOR: Servicing: Harrison, Rye Greenwich, Armonk Mamaroneck Scarsdale, Bronxville and all of Westchester 13. FAQs: Where will I be met at the airport? Pick up details will be arranged when making your reservation. Your pick up location will be determined by factors such as the airline you are flying, whether you have carry on or checked baggage, and your personal preferences. In order to expedite your pick up, your driver will have your cell phone number. Please be sure to turn your phone on once you are off the plane. If you have any difficulty finding your driver, please call us immediately. DO NOT LEAVE THE AIRPORT WITHOUT CONTACTING US. LEAVING THE AIRPORT WITHOUT CONTACTING US FOR ANY REASON WILL RESULT IN A CHARGE TO YOUR CREDIT CARD FOR THR FULL FARE PLUS TOLLS, TAX, TIP AND ANY ADDITIONAL SURCHARGES. 14. FAQs: What if my flight is delayed? We always monitor flights with the airline so we know what your actual [as opposed to scheduled] arrival time will be. On those rare occasions when the airline misjudges the actual arrival time, the following waiting time policy will apply. For domestic flights thirty minutes waiting time is complimentary, for international flights sixty minutes waiting time is complimentary, thereafter waiting time is billed at the rate of one dollar per minute. 15. FAQs: What if my plans change and I need to cancel my reservation? Due to the scheduling and time constraints of our business, please be sure to cancel at least twelve hours before your scheduled pick up time to avoid cancellation charges. Cancellation within twelve hours before scheduled pick up time will result in a full charge equal to the cost of the trip plus a twenty percent service fee. 16. Harrison Car Service 914-777-LIMO (5466) Westchester County