Christmas traditions from around the world

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www.worldweatheronline.comChristmas traditions from around the world

More than 2 billion people celebrate Christmas around the world every year and it is filled with festive tradition no matter where you are in the world. Whats this about?

Serbia Two Sundays before December 25th, children tie up their mum and she is only released when she pays a ransom in the form of Christmas gifts. The following Sunday the same treatment is given to dad.

www.worldweatheronline.comVenezuela In the capital city, Caracas, roads are closed from December 16th to 24th so locals can roller-skate to morning mass.

www.worldweatheronline.comIndia Christians in India decorate mango trees instead of the traditional fir tree and use mango leaves as decorations around the home.

www.worldweatheronline.comAustraliaWhen Santa reaches Australia, he gives the reindeer a rest and use kangaroos to pull his sleigh around the country. Most people have a cold Christmas dinner or a barbecue.

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